Home Discussion Forum Theists please....Road-rage and the regenerated life?

Theists please….Road-rage and the regenerated life?

If you had an experience with God, or a spiritual awakening of sorts….do you still curse in the privacy of your own car at other drivers?
It’s a serious question…..serious answers please.


  1. This is my “system.”
    I keep score.
    If I feel inclined to take offense I give myself -1.
    If I ignore the offending driver I give myself +1.
    If my trip is positive, I win.
    NOTE: Half of drivers in major US cities do not have a license.
    In 2004 a WI study found 85% of minorites in WI do not have a drivers licence.

  2. Enlightenment/Salvation could mean either being
    1. aware of your spiritual nature
    2. completely perfect
    3. God
    Number 3 is impossible to experience while in a body and/or car.
    Number 2 would be questionable if you are still attached to a car.
    And number 1 is the most sensible quality and thus answering the question since this kind of enlightened person simply has an adjective used to describe his spiritual experience and is thus still imperfect and capable of swearing. Does that make sense?
    It should, since having an experience of God does not make one perfect, it simply shows a person what perfection is.

  3. Road rage is probably the single biggest thing I have to work on. What I think of that person is not nice at all. I do think it, then I pray for forgiveness. I am working on it tho.

  4. Are you asking if I still sin? The first letter written by the apostle John says this…If anyone says he is without sin, he’s a liar and the truth is not in him…(remember that lying is a sin). So, yes I still sin. More so than before I became a Christian…then I only knew half of what I did that was sinful…now I know about three quarters of what I do that is sinful…the sin just keeps growing as I look into my dark heart.


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