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The young and the restless dumb phyllis.?

WHat do you think about this dumb women. Ok instead of going to her husband like a real women should she decide to break up someone else marriage so hers can stay afloat. I did not like Phyllis when they first put her and nick together but i progress. But i now know why i never like this B!t(h. If she was thinking she would know that if she broke of SHACK Marriage it could hurt her step son Noah but do she give a damn no. OK i could see why she mad but like i say before karma is a bit** but any way let keep going not only if she hurting her marriage but I think that Phyllis and Nick could be over and not the reason you may think. Let go back a few shall we I don’t think Phyllis breaking well trying to break jack and Sharon will cause a rift between her and Nick oh he will be piss dont get me wrong but he probably get over it and forgive her. BUT you always know there a BUT he will and i mean will be furious when he find out that Phyllis have evidence that could clear his dad from when Jack was in Mexico because if you recall Phyllis has evidence that could help Victor or she claim what you think.


  1. yeah !!!! Phyllis is going down ~~~~~~~~~~~ I Like Nick and just think it’s time for a change !!!!! Her true colors are shining through !!!!!

  2. let me tell you, I DONT LIKE THAT DUMM UGLY B!+CH either!!
    and your’re right, i never thought about it, but her witholding that info would make her hubby nick FURIOUS!!!!!
    she so stupid. she probaly should have confronted nick soon as she saw the kiss.
    dumb broad.

  3. Okay, here are the facts: Phyllis knows that the Shack marriage is in trouble because Jack has told more lies to SharHo than Pinocchio. However, what she also knows is that the little Jabba-the-Slut (aka: SHARHO) is trying to worm her way back into Nick’s life, and Nick keeps taking her offers and treating Phyllis like crap mainly because they share a little spawn together called Noah. In my opinion, Phyllis is doing whatever she can to keep Nick and SharHo from reuniting, mainly because she knows about that slobbery kiss they shared in Paris, and Phyllis is springing a big one on Nick, telling him was doing the shoot in Paris, not back in Genoa City like he thought.
    Contrary to popular Shickie belief, Phyllis is not trying to break up the Shack marriage to hurt Noah. Seeing that Noah is giving well-deserved attitude towards his mother, (though he could treat his father a little better) I don’t think he would care all that much if that marriage combusts. But as you said, that’s not why Phick may be doomed.
    I think it’s obvious that you want Phick to break up in the hopes that Phyllis will be unhappy and alone when all this is over. However, Phyllis has the class and decency to survive without the company of a man, unlike SharHo. She can very well move on without Nick if this is the way he wants to treat her. I will be supporting Phyllis in her next relationship if he wants to treat her like the lady she is. However, if that disgusting pairing known as SHICK reunites and re-falls madly in love (which is probably what you want, I’m guessing) then I will quit watching the show. I started watching regularly to barely miss the ten years of lying, cheating, deceit, “you hurt me, so I’ll hurt you, you started it” routine, that involved keeping it in the family (if you know what I mean) and leaving her husband and kids for four months to fly to Denver on a selfish journey of self-discovery, which involved getting her freak on with another man she met at a bar. It will happen again if they reunite, trust me on this one.
    Besides, if you are a true Sharon fan, then you really wouldn’t want her back with Nick. He cheated on her with Grace (twice) and another girl named Carrie, whom he met at Crimson Lights, before he ever got with Phyllis. If you believe that “once a cheater, always a cheater,” then it’s most likely that he cheat on her again with the first chick that grabs his interest when (not if) trouble and drama start a-brewing in this second round, though it’s very likely that SharHo will cheat on him with some sexy hunk first. Just you watch!

  4. Maybe the way Phyliss went about everything wasnt the nicest.
    But I think Sharon is a s!ut, and is getting what she deserves. Diego, Vic(kiss), Nick, Brad, Jack, Who she gonna seduce next Billy, Cane, heck maybe Adam.

  5. Phyllis is over the edge. I think she should have approached them both in Paree. When she seen them she should have yelled out “what the #$@# are you two doing!!!!” and then ran over slapped Nick and punched out blondie. {Gawd I hate sharon} then she would have gotten out all of her frustrations and wouldn’t have let her anger simmer and boil to the point of explosion like she is now. Makes a great storyline though. The more time she had to plot and scheme and fester over her anger the more hurtful the plan to ruin sharon and jack. But you have to admit she did tell sharon to leave her man alone and she told jack to curb his broad. But they both dismissed her and brushed her off. So now there is hell to pay!

  6. Ohh, i am soo with you man, i hate Old fire crutch Phyllis so much , that i am waiting patiently on the day when everything back fires in her ugly looking face, lol!

  7. Phyllis is one desperate old whore, that will stop at nothing to try to destroy anything that comes in her way, just remember the situation with her and Daniel, what a scumbag, so if she thinks for one moment that Nick will forgive her for what she is doing to his Sharon, she’d better think again.See how desperate she was today when she was literally begging for Sharon to stop calling Nick, whatever, what she failed to realized was just a few yrs ago, she did the exact same thing, went running into Nick’s arms and seduced him at a vulnerable moment in his life when his step child had just passed away .Who does that?Only old $lutbag Phyllis can and will do something so conniving, and deceiving such as that, so i guess with a $lut like that every man have to watch out for her!!
    But what goes around comes around, and trust me she has hers coming to her soon!

  8. I hate Phyllis i want to give her a b…h slap who does she think she is anyway she is just a trouble maker she has forgotten all the crap she has done over the years she is pretty sad the way she is acting i hope she gets what coming to her i think she has forgotten how she got Nick in the first place.

  9. I am SO glad to see that there are people on here who hate Phyllis as well. Almost every time I get on here there is always a question with answers about how much people hate Sharon and people actually like Phyllis. Phyllis is a Bi***. I hate that woman with a passion! She is getting everything that she deserves! I hope that her marriage to Nick falls apart! Jack and Phyllis need to get back together because they deserve each other and they are two of a kind!

  10. Oh WOW!!
    I feel the total opposite, I LOVE Phyllis and the way she does things, I mean stuff wouldn’t be good if she didn’t put her little twist on things ya know. Sharon gets on my last nerve so her a Nick I pray that they don’t get back together.
    So I pretty much DISAGREE with everything you have said except the thing with the evidence that can help Victor, Yes Phyllis does need to tell Nick what she knows about Jack being in Mexico, But it’s Phyllis people and she is caught up in the moment right now b/c she DOES not want to lose her SEXY husband, And may I add that I don’t blame her one bit but I think she will come around before it gets real bad.
    PluS she is a REAL woman she is fighting with all she knows to keep her Man, I don’t remember Sharon fighting for her marriage with Nick I remember her running to the next man which is Bradly!!!!!!

  11. i’m sorry but i love phylliss. I wish she would have just told Nick what she saw in paris and dealt with it. And i wish she would have told nick of jack’s info. this is the writers way of breaking them up. Ladies you can’t tell me you wouldn’t be pissed if your man’s ex was constantly calling him. and then after tomorrow’s show. she calls him off the hook. like he’s supposed to do something to help her. she needs to deal with her own problems and leave nick alone.

  12. Phyllis = dumb, Sharon = DUMBER!! Sharon needs to grow some and stop whining. Did she fight for her marraige as Phyllis is doing or did she hook up with the next thing with two legs and a p-nis?!

  13. I think it is so funny. Phyllis is digging her own hole! I think Nick will look at Phyllis phone record and wonder why she has been talking to Brad. I think he will figure everything out. I also think he will get jealous of seeing Brad around Sharon and try to “protect” his ex.

  14. Yes ma’am! I think Brad will double-cross Phyllis and get the last laugh. I think he will play matchmaker for Sharon and Nick!

  15. I really hope that Phyllis gets was she deserves because she had been scheming for years and stealing other people’s men. SHe had stolen Danny from Christine she had hurt Jack and left him for Damien Porter. Now getting to SHaron, who ever said that Sharon was a lot off with each other because the two of them have a histrory together as far as being high school sweethearts, and the two of them are always going to be close because the two of them have a son together.


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