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The world is in the 21st Century but the human is still practising the old Religion?

Still practising the Old Religion , i.e the “Obsession with Sexual Behavior, educated, scientifically and techologically advance yet the primitive ways still hang on.
Every species engages in the Mating Game but only in season, not all the time or any time. Only Human species is out of control and diseased, no discipline, no restraint or abstinence.
Why does the Bible promote Mating; i.e Moses wrote in one of his five books; “Be fruitful and Multiply” and Why do the Catholic Jesuits, the buddhist Monks and Hindu Sadhu practice Celebacy. There are two different attitudes. Which is the preferred path? One is the Sex Religion (Tantra) and the other is the Health Religion. Majority still prefer Sex Religion. No proper Education, they follow the four legged creatures


  1. i didnt read ur details … .. coz its of no use .. but 1 thing …
    islam is 1400 yrs old religion ..but can u beleive it .. wat our prophet taught us ,, is now being ac cepted by the scientists … all the knowledge that koran gave us , is now being proven by head sceintists …..
    go read koran .. ull get to knwo that ur self ..!!!!!
    islam is not an old religion ..!!!!!! it was revealed on us 1400 yrs ago … BUT it is still the most peaceful and most authentic religion on earth .. even science is proving that ….!
    go read KORAN , SCICNE N BIBLE a book by maurice bucaille …
    ull get to know everything

  2. Christ upgraded the old and became the blueprint for eternal life. All religions point to ways they found except Jesus. He said I am the way,the truth and the life with absolute surety. He represented the fulfilment of the first Adam who was cut short from attaining full maturity. The New Adam ( Jesus ) brought the recipe for the redemption of the human race. We are being saved from our-selves. From our carnal-nature. All religions work on purifying themselves. GOD who is pure offered Himself through Christ to become our purity. Redeemed mating expands the Kingdom, and its not about religion.GOD wanted relationship .

  3. The Oldest relision like Veda Dharma are never obsessed! Only new religion like catholicism are copletly obssesed! Because thhey can not recognize their roots like this, that Jesus practiced buddhism and Sanatana Dharma and much more! Obsession is kind of mental illness and have to be not a religion. More paranoic belives less true religion, like Viveknanda said!
    With love and regards
    (Polish speaking group)


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