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The vibration during meditation?

when i meditate i feel a violent vibration like i’m falling. but whenevr i try to go with the vibration it stops. I think it has something to do with astral projrction. PLEASE HELP!!!1
i really wanna know what this is. Stupid answers like that make yahoo not a good source for advice…i wish society wasn’t so idiotic
It’s usually when i meditate to fall asleep


  1. I’ve heard a loud buzzing noise but not experienced any vibration. It is supposed to be a precursor to having an out of body experience.
    Edit- What you’re describing is a known phenomenon but most people just describe it as a buzzing sound. Those who accept the idea of out of body experiences believe it happens at the point when you are directly between waking and unconciousness and it is at that point where supposedly the out of body experience occurs.

  2. In all probability, you are experiencing cleansing of the nervous system. Don’t worry. You will find in time that things will get back to normal and things will be much better with a more pure body and mind.

  3. To answer this would depend on the depth of your meditation. Firstly, the “monkey mind” creates distractions so that one is forced to pay attention to self (itching, random thoughts or sensations). Secondly, if your level of concentration is deep (or high blood pressure as both are examples) you may be able to feel your blood flow. Thirdly, see something called “Kriyas”
    Understand this is by no means a complete reason as to why you feel how you do, just possible explanations. Good luck

  4. Yes, I believe it has to do with astral projection as well. Keep going to that point, and some time you will eventually break through the veil. Don’t try too hard, because it will come naturally when it’s meant to. (If you try hard, you may do it, but it will be painful)


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