The use of Yoga in public schools would reduce the violence in society?

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The use of Yoga in public schools would reduce the violence in society?

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Glenn Beck Teabagged Me!

And increase the gayness in society.


If anything, it would make the fat kids (read: most of them) more violent.


Maybe, but you’re bound to face opposition because of its “spiritual” elements.

Uncle Joe Stalin

Yoga is from India. India and Pakistan are fighting over Kashmir.


Many schools can’t even afford paper and pencils.
Far too many kids arrive with empty bellies as well.It’s not likely yoga will reduce the many social and financial woes.

Abdullah the Rula

Maybe but there is an alternate proposal to arm every student with an AR-15, hunting knife, and frag grenades.


Sorry PE is no longer part of the curriculum.

Chupate esa!

Not everything that works for one person works for the other that’s why politics is a huge problem, because we should do whatever works but there is no consistency…

Someone call the amberlamps

I thought religion was not allowed in schools.


Do you have factual support data?

Duct Tape Fixes All

Possibly, but it is tough to say. Yoga and meditation gives time to simply think and bring peace to one’s mind. However, our society doesn’t support time for simply thinking. We live on rash decisions and knee jerk reactions.


I think meditation (in all its forms) would be a great boon to American society. Scientific research shows that meditation makes actually changes to brain structure that is beneficial. Meditation teaches self-control and emotion regulation. With all the bullying in American schoolyards, I think this would be a great discipline to teach kids.


Maybe. And increase the violence in schools! Keep that hippie sh** at home.
Peace and Love my azz! How about sports as an outlet?
Let me get this straight- You banned playing tag and dodgeball, but want to instruct in yoga?
No wonder we are a nation of pansies….


I guess yes, yoga is a great exercise, can give us relaxation and help us feels great inside and out.


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