Home Discussion Forum the use of MUDRAS in Buddhist meditation?

the use of MUDRAS in Buddhist meditation?

researching the extent buddhists go to to make the ancient ritual of meditation more accessible to the modern mindset via the change/modification/removal of mudras.
If so, why? and how do you still find it relevant to today’s society?


  1. the buddha never taught anyone to use mudras as far as i know.
    Anyway, they are totally unnecessary for meditation, which also isn’t a ritual.

  2. I use mudras in my meditations, but I personally don’t like to think of it as amplifying any sort of energy. This is just my personal feeling and comfort level, since, frankly I feel a little silly telling myself that the energy from hand motions aids my practice. And I do think that this discomfort (with focusing on the energy aspect of it) is due to a “modern mindset,” as you say.
    I prefer to remember what the mudras represent, and use that symbolism to concentrate and focus my meditations. For me, this has been very helpful. Typically, my meditations using chants and mudras have lasted longer and gone deeper than any other techniques I’ve used.
    I don’t deny that the whole energy “thing” could be true, I just know that it would be a hindrance in my practice if I used the mudras for that express purpose.
    The way I figure it, if the energy does work, and my use of the mudras is sincere, then I will still benefit from it irregardless of my belief or focus on this energy aspect. And if the energy part of it isn’t true, as my scientific thinking tends to be skeptical of, nothing is lost in my practice.

  3. I agree with P’ang and Erica.
    When I meditate, I use Dhyana mudra (aka cosmic mudra).
    When practicing certain asanas, I use Gyan mudra.
    How is it relevant?
    I have only a purely subjective answer: it “feels” right/better to do so, therefore it is of benefit for me.

  4. I use a Buddhist meditation form which requires focussed, slow breathing. The physical attitude and mudras are largely irrevelant. I find they distract from right concentration on the breath.

  5. well ok first i consider my self a buddhist but have not taken my vows yet but ok that irelavent but mudras can be represented by parfialy by which buddhist you chant/pray to. in other words by useing there mudras has in way nothing really with the meditaion but acutual that is considered tantric practice so in a way ur both wrong. no afence hope it help.


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