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The truth will set you free?

I have had a spiritual awakening. I have been having some medical problems, some of you know… Well, during this, I rededicated my life to the Lord. It wouldn’t be fair not to tell since I’ve said some pretty shady things about Christianity. No I’m not a fundie now or even a Bible thumper but I know I’m not trying to face life or death uncertain of my relationship with God. My question is, what does that make me on R&S? A traitor? Banished? Doesn’t change anything?
It took alot of courage to announce this, by the way


  1. So, while your body wasn’t working properly, of which your nervous system (and consequentially, your brain) is a part, you had an experience you could not understand in a neurophysiological context. In your inability to understand, you’ve decided it was the involvement of a deity.
    If that works for you, more power to you. I think it’s foolish, but hey, as long as you don’t try to shove it down my throat, believe what you wish.

  2. What is makes you is a believer who decided to continue on your spiritual journey, to get back on track, so to speak.
    You’re not a traitor, not banished. You are loved by the Lord.
    You ARE brave!

  3. Hey there, Sugar!! How ya feeling? I think what this would make you is a convert, actually. Most… not all, but most… of your atheist/agnostic friends on here will support your decision, even if they don’t agree with you. Of course, you know that I am a Christian… so you have my utmost support.

  4. Maybe you are scared? Having medical problems has a tendency to make one think about their mortality…Maybe you are worried that what christians say is true. I don’t know for sure, but I believe God forgives and we ALL go to the same place. Peace.

  5. Nothing. Just don’t try to say arrogant and rude things. If you were on the other side of the fence before, as it were, then you know exactly what you tick people off. Don’t act like a jerk, and we’ll get along fine.

  6. truth is, you shouldn’t even care what others think… you are just a person who has come to terms with whatever you have decided to believe. Atheist or theist, in the end, it matters not what another person thinks, as long as you can live with your decision (not intended as a pun).

  7. you think because you’re scared of death and suddenly want to do the right thing that that makes you a christian? what relationship with God? do you know his name? know his purpose for the earth of mankind? do you even know how to become acceptable to him? find the answer to those questions and you will have had a “spiritual awakening”. if it were really that easy then who wouldnt change on their death bed? jesus said that god wanted people to worship him with “spirit and truth”. john 4:24. have you found the religion that knows the truth? or just another squabbling sect with many false doctrines and traditions of men. dont mean to sound harsh, but you make becoming “rededicated” sound so easy.

  8. A Christian. Smart. Wise. Courageous. Truthful.
    I hope this site does not really determine who you are.
    Sending you a smile to help pick up your day.

  9. Well!now MsB. as uncertain as life maybe death is a sure thing.I hear the word of the saying “Now the grace of God has appeared unto all men,teaching us to deny ungodliness and live righteously in this world right now”.Four months ago I as a pastor put a team togather to go to the aid of a little 8 year old boy in whom the doctors said would not live long.So by faith we did leave Camden Ar. and headed in to Hamburg Ar
    with much praise.Once we got there we found a wee boy sick
    being eating alive by a large brain cancer.We prayed and had great singing.In about two weeks I received a phone call
    telling me that the boy was taken to the doctor for a M.R.I and thus it was revealed that the little boy no longer had cancer.
    We are all short in things but God can heal us and aid us if we allow him.I’m a friend to you Ms B if you need one as you step into your healing and declare your place at the right hand of God.Girl walk in your blessings and claim your wealth.

  10. May I suggest reading the “Gnostic Gospels” by Elaine Pagels. You will probably find that your spiritual attitude has really just been more clarified. This may also help you to see the difference between the “lord” and God.
    Good Luck and have fun


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