The three of pentacles in tarot reading?





hello, so i did a one card reading asking what my calling/purpose is.. and i got this card, i do not know how to interpret it everything i read about the card just confuses me as to what my purpose is.. thank you for answering : )


  1. mastery at a skill that you worked hard to achieve, but if it was reversed, beware, it means your hardwork will have been wasted by some illfortune

  2. your purpose may a career in business, financing, gardening, taking care of kids,a personal trainer, or an excellent ousewife . You would love to see tings grow, progress or make it yourself. Pentacles are all about wat is worldy. Watever it you decide to do, you will be a master at it!
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  3. it means you are now entering a cycle where you will have to share everything you have learned. After the time given to learn, experience and grow, now the time has come to share your mastery and expertise.

  4. Hello Lynn
    For you it is all about teaching and working in an area of healing. You would also be excellent in the area of having your own business along similar creative lines ok.
    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx

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