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The subconscious mind. Is this possible?

My friend got pregnant after being raped, and only told me. However her cousin found a pregnancy test. My friend didnt want to tell anybody yet, so I told her cousin it was mine. And her cousin promised to keep it a secret. However we were talking about it the other day, she said I was starting to look pregnant. I was completely shocked, but when I checked in the mirror I realised I was gaining a lot of weight. And in class I noticed that I’m looking bigger. Am I just feeling fat b/c of what my friend’s cousin says? Or am I really gaining a lot of weight to protect my friend from being found out? B/c my diet has been the same. Or is my friend’s cousin imagining this?
My friend and I are slowly working toward telling someone.


  1. It has been known that this happens. Sometimes when women get pregnant , men get symptoms of a similar sort. It’s all in your mind. Worry is not necessary. Lean on God’s word at such a time. Read the books at the local library on this subject.
    Hope your friend get’s help though. Being pregnant is something that needs to be addressed.

  2. To you this seems like a real problem, but I think you are dealing in something bizarre and need to get away from the whole thing. you are NOT pregnant and not looking pregnant, you have a “friend ” who is in trouble, YOU are not. so stop worrying about it. I’d be more worried about the girl who was RAPED. she does NOT need to go through this. IF indeed she was RAPED. This is VERY SERIOUS and the Police MUST Be informed. IF she was raped and made pregnant by this man he needs to be arrested and put in Jail. IF she is lying about the RAPE and just saying this to protect her so called innocence then She will be in trouble with the law for causing some young man to possible go to jail for something that was consentual

  3. Your friend’s cousin has imagined it because you told her you were the one to take the pregnancy test and found out that you ‘were pregnant’ though you aren’t
    Subsequently she put the idea into your head and now you are conscious of your body shape and weight
    I’d dismiss the whole thing if I were you


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