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The subconscious mind and wealth?

or just goals in general but I am speficially concerned with wealth. From what I’ve read and heard about the subconscious, it is unbelievably powerful as far as the direction a person’s life takes.
The way I understand it, if a person’s subconscious mind believes that he is wealthy, even if he is dirt poor, there is nothing in the world that can stop him from becoming wealthy. Or if a person suddenly becomes wealthy (inheritance, lottery, etc), but still has a subconcious that says he is poor, there is nothing in the world that will be able to prevent him from screwing it up and becoming poor again.
Whether you attribute this to something metaphysical or something else, do you believe that the subconscious is as powerful as I described, and if not why not?


  1. Try watching or reading “The Secret”. They argue this belief. I, personally, have issues with this argument. I believe it is always great to think positive, because pessimism will not drive you to achieve your goals. I don’t think, however, that solely by thinking positively that the universe will “rearrange itself” as “The Secret” describes. This is just a way for the U.S. to promote its ideology of capitalism. Don’t you love how they are so concerned with money in this argument?
    This belief allows people to blame the huge division between the rich and poor on the people, rather than the huge disgrace this country is doing. It is the poor’s fault that they are poor – great ::::rolls eyes::::

  2. No – this is a matter of self-discipline and the ability to handle “bumps” on the road. People that are unable to handle the “bumps” will not come very far in their lifes.
    The subconsious is merely an internal function in the brain. To make it an active part, is something done by people, whom are unable to explain, due to lack of knowledge.

  3. It’s always tempting to believe in magic. Once wealth is accumulated, it serves to increase misery if its use is not suffused with wisdom.


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