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The subconcious mind?

How is the subconscious mind unveiled? How do you know what you subconsciously maybe thinking? Hope you understand my question.


  1. generally you don’t, but an observer can tell by the difference between what you say and what your body does. body language and all that.

  2. Yes, subconscious behavior is usually viewed by others. Its subconscious so you don’t acknowledge/realize it. You would have to ask others really. Unless you really pick apart and analyze what you say do and feel. but that might make your head explode..I’ve gotten close to that point

  3. I think the subconscious mind is simply a filter to your conscious mind. Often, we would not act upon something that we already know (subconsciously), because it’s been filtered to our conscious mind. Get what Im saying?

  4. As JC said, you generally don’t.
    If you’re well tuned to your body you can spot the signs that maybe you’re current train of thought isn’t in harmony with your actual feelings or desires. Certain body movements and stances give away what a person is really thinking or feeling.
    The eyes are a very good give away, if people are stressed/ tense/ anxious they tend to blink more and the pupils dilate.
    Hands face down and/ or restless shifting means your uncomfortable. Far off looks can either mean someone is deep in thought or quite the opposite and trying to space themselves from all internal and external stimuli. People who are well attuned to their bodies can interpret and control these reactions and are given a clearer impression of their subconscious mind.
    For example until it was pointed out to me I never realized that I curled my toes when I was excited about something. That’s a subconcious reaction.
    This goes for all people, you can spot certain behavioral patterns in others as well. It’s often used to spot a liar.


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