The similarities between Reiki and Yoga

Although Reiki and Yoga were created in separate countries and sprang forth from different cultures there are similarities that exist between both. To understand the similarities it is important to know the differences in their orgin and the aspects of their practice. The similarities become apparent and will allow the practitioners to utilize both to achieve complete harmony on the three levels of mind, body, and spirit.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is the Japanese word that means the spiritual guiding of the universal life force within everyone and everything. In Reiki there are two parties involved, the provider and the recipient. The provider is educated in the movement and channeling of energy through his or her hands and into the recipient?s body where the energy is needed most. This movement of energy is guided by the spirit of both the provider and the recipient to find the imbalances within the recipient that need to be healed. The healing doesn?t happen on a merely physical level. The healing movement of energy can bring balance to your emotions and thoughts as well. Reiki is considered a mode of massage and is often used to treat chronic diseases or disabilities through the release of physical pain and discomfort by working on the root cause of the issue.

Yoga is a variation on the Sanskrit word ?Yuj? that means union. In this case union occurs between mind, body, and spirit. To achieve balance yoga relies on two parties in the beginning; the yogi and the practitioner. The yogi teaches the practitioner how to execute poses that develop strength and flexibilty. The poses can be done in slow or quick movements. Using slow movements allows the practitioner to correct the alignment of the pose to reduce the change of energy being blocked. Using quick movements increases the internal energy of the practitioner and helps energy move with more speed throughout the body. The movement of energy clears any blockages that may be causing an imblance in the practitioners life. Focusing on fluidity of the poses and breathing allows the practitioner time to meditate and find inner peace.

Reiki and Yoga both focus on the movement of energy throughout the body and finding balance for the mind, body, and soul. In reiki that movement is aided by the Reiki master that becomes the vessel for the spirit guided movement of energy throughout the body. In yoga the movement of energy is taught by the yogi through poses, breathing techniques, and meditation. Experiencing reiki work allows the recipient to have energy work done to clear any obstructions in flow. Learning with a yogi teaches how to keep the energy flowing through the movement of the body. The practices can be used separately or together to maintain the balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

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