The self declared enlightened one is seen to be not enlightened?





Within spiritual circles it is frowned down on and taken extemely seriously as not to declare oneself as being enlightened. It is said, ‘That to declare oneself enlightened, proves one is already not’, as the statement is said indeed by the Ego. To have ego is to not be enlightened. The self declared prophet is not listened to or taken seriously and would never be accepted within religious circles. And yet today we are reaching a point in time where many are becoming illumined, but non prepared to declare themselves as such. Many words spoken prove there is much wisdom out there. If only all could be gathered together to share and use the accumulated wisdom for the good of all! Are there any here who know themselves to be awakened or dare I say enlightenened?


  1. There are many stages of Enlightenment and it seems that you might have achieved at lest a couple of them to even be stating this “question”; besides that is it even important to know if others think that they have achieved enlightenment as long as you strive to comprendhend the world and people around you?

  2. Each one shall find enlightment for himself …
    – There is unilited possibilities of TRUEs for everyone …
    It’s only up to us to catch one , and keep it as OWN TRUE.
    So standing on this i can say that the answer is “NO. – IF YOU FOUND ENLIGMENT FOR YUURSELF – THEN YOU ARE ENLIGTENED”

  3. With a sea of masters,
    I claim not to be a master
    But to be a fool.
    Carefree, and
    — to do as I wish.

  4. They have already gathered .
    The enlighten ones , but they have gone the way of the angel of light, they have long had dominion of the earth.
    i wait for the Shepard in stead

  5. I totally dig you on this one. I believe you dont feel the need to “tell” of your awakening, others see it clearly.

  6. you must seek these out using your light~enlightened ones will eventually find whom they seek. light draws unto itself~~words contain light~~~no incarnate contains all~~we all contain particles, a universal tapestry~~life lessons learned~~but can you feel it? ascension en masse on the physical plane

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