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The second coming of Madeleine Murray O’Hair?

Will the second coming of Madeleine Murray O’Hair launch evangelical atheists into the next step in spiritual growth?
Most experts agree Ms. O’Hair is currently enjoying the Braxton-Hicks Contraction of the between-lives ether. Soon, they assert, she’ll re-emerge to assist evangelical atheists toward transcending, as she’ll have done, the faith-void she mapped for them during her last lifetime in Austin, Texas.
Statistics show atheists await this second coming and new awakening with great enthusiasm.
However, experts are dismayed concerning who will lead the Fundamentalist Christians in their inevitable lifetimes of post-Christian soon to emerge atheists, once the post-O’Hair movement recedes. Atheists will be forced, experts agree, to find the O’Hair charm and charisma in some new leader emerging from a previous life as a Fundamentalist Christian.
Tammy Baker?


  1. O’Hair had no charm and no charisma. She carried the spirit of Jezebel. She died some say the same death as Jezebel. O’Hair is not enjoying anything. The spirit of the antichrist is rising as we see ungodliness everywhere.
    I bind this second coming of O’Hair that you are talking about in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


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