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The Sanctuary : Come Meet Yourself

“The Sanctuary” proposes workshops centered on “grounding and responsibility”, and involving different kinds of experiences for the participants with the support of creativity, Massage, Yoga, Drama, Family Constellation, Nature Walking and lots more. Located in the heart of beautiful village of dharmkot, positioned on the crest of a hill above McLeodGanj (Home of Dalai Lama), Dharamkot is an attractive spot that presents astounding view of the Kangra valley and the Dhauladhar ranges.

“”The Journey” is an inspiring series of Interview with Goradana , founder and Director of “The Sanctuary

As Goradana puts it.. ” I wanted to create a place where there’s nothing and nobody else to honour and respect but this great mystery called life that carries us all. This is how ‘The Sanctuary’ is born.

As someone said ‘we have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be’, and so this is where I express myself: in pushing your limits so that you meet yourself. Maybe the meeting will be unconscious at first but hopefully through your commitment to stay till the end of our experience, it will become conscious.
Life is the ultimate teacher and its teachings are often difficult to contain, so this centre is simply one safer life lab:

– Our experience will have a known beginning and end to support our process of commitment;
– You always do what you can without hurting anyone physically or destroying the material around you;
– The tools are familiar: any body discipline, different meditations, massage, dance, drama, singing, … actually anything will do!

A tool is nothing but a pretext for the mind; it is only through commitment and trust that the unexpected can create a sudden space of silence inside us where we may be able to watch and see something about us. So the ‘content’ is unknown to both you and me just like in life: we only got the frame to play and remember to enjoy…
After all, a game is never serious but we’ve got to play it seriously! “

Website: www.thesanctuary.in

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