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The Sammasati Project : The Art of Dying

The Sammasati Project provides support for anyone wanting to consciously maintain or regain their health, in all its dimensions, and for those who wish to pass through the process of dying consciously.

Who is the Training For?

  • Those who want to use it as Part of their self-work, to identify their own issues around illness, dying and death as part of their ongoing personal growth.A source of skills, knowledge and experience that can help them better support friends and/or family members in their illness and dying.
    An adjunct to their existing skills, knowledge and experience as a hospice volunteer the foundation for working with paying clients


      A comprehensive familiarity and accord with Osho’s vision of living and dying
      An interview (in person, by skype or telephone) with Maneesha.
      A degree of self-work, in the form of meditation and inner growth workshops

What will I gain from the training?
Psychological and meditative skills in and knowledge about the many components involved in supporting someone a client, a family member or a friend through the process of illness and dying. (We are working towards having the training accredited. Regulations in the UK are becoming tighter around setting oneself up as any kind of therapist and charging for one’s services. To have the work officially recognised will be a great benefit to you, as a practitioner.)
Beyond the year’s training, support for your work will be available through mentoring. In addition, there will be ongoing ‘Professional Development’ days.

What subjects will be covered in the training?
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