Home Discussion Forum the right angular gyrus in the brain is why people astral project?

the right angular gyrus in the brain is why people astral project?


  1. Neurochemical and neuroelectrical dysregulation in certain parts of the brain such as the angular gyrus and the tempoparietal lobes are associated with the experience that we call astral projection or out-of-body episodes. A person really is not separating from their bodies and floating around; he or she is having a dissociative experience in which the sense of self and place of self is distorted. OBEs frequently occur in persons with schizophrenia and epilepsy. They occur naturally in about 10% of the normal population, and people can also learn how to have this experience.

  2. Do you mean this study?
    De Ridder D, Van Laere K, Dupont P, Menovsky T, Van de Heyning P. Visualizing out-of-body experience in the brain. N Engl J Med. 2007 Nov 1;357(18):1829-33
    Knowing that zaps to the angular gyrus can cause a subset of out-of-body experience provides a direction for future research, but anyone claiming projection is explained away by this kind of activity is guilty of faulty logic. Suppose by analogy that scientists discover that poking people with sticks makes them jump. It’s nonsense to then say that jumping must be a hyped-up phenomenon that’s really just about bits of wood – far more research is obviously required.
    Science has a deliberate bias – it only explains things in terms of things that are already explained. Though this is extremely sensible, science knows nothing whatsoever about souls and millions of things about physiology… so will exclusively generate explanations involving only the latter, regardless of the actual underlying reality.
    If you want a more bias-free understanding of projection than either science or religion provides, the only pragmatic way forward is to research the matter yourself. May I humbly suggest HemiSync as a starting point…it’s rather eye-opening 🙂


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