The progressive Dalai Lama misconception?

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First of all I’m an atheist,what i noticed is doe that Progressive people see the Pope as a backwards thinking arch conservative dinosaur
While the Dalai Lama would be consider cool and right on by these progressive social aware types maybe it because the Pope takes a authoritarian view point on everything while the Dalai Lama could’nt be more progressive and understanding
Well here are some views the Dalai Lama has expressed that may change your mind
1.At a press conference in 1997 he said man to man and woman to woman sex was sexual misconduct
2.In 2001 he told a Swiss magazine that sexual organs were created for the reproduction between the male and female and anything that deviates from this is not acceptable
3.The Dalai Lama Offered his endoresment to the anti-abortion group cosistent life
4.He Published a list of religious teachings state masterbation is forbidden
5.He claims oral sex is not acceptable even between a married man and wife.
Thoughts and Opinions?
Ra i was want asking whether they had any influence i was just pointing out to people the Dalai Lama is not as progressive as they think

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I think both posts are essentially meaningless a living deity and a man who cant do anything wrong, come on.
EDIT They have a disproportianately large influence

Master Sarcasto

I’m trying to find the link about the Dalai Lama’s history, which presents him in a less-than-enlightened…. light.

neil s

Most people are not aware that Buddhism in general considers homosexuality to be improper, as well as the other things you mentioned. But, he’s also a monk, and has no business telling non-monks how they should live. He also asks the US to fight against China for Tibetan when his own people have (until recently) been unwilling to, which is duplicity and cowardess. This should not be surptising, since typically the Tibetans will eat meat, but will not kill (they have someone else do the slaughtering and butchering). The fact is he’s given much more credit than he deserves.
All that said, he is an atheist, and thus still less deluded than the Pope.

Staff Sgt. Max Fightmaster ★★★

“From a Buddhist point of view, men-to-men and women-to-women is generally considered sexual misconduct. From society’s point of view, mutually agreeable homosexual relations can be of mutual benefit, enjoyable and harmless.”
It isn’t the homosexuality (or being gay), it is the belief that the sex organs should not be used for anything other than sexual reproduction .. else it is considered sexual misconduct (this includes heterosexual couples engaging in anal and oral sex). At a subsequent meeting with gay and lesbian representatives, he expressed the “willingness to consider the possibility that some of the teachings may be specific to a particular cultural and historic context.”
Most importantly ………. “His Holiness opposes violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation. He urges respect, tolerance, compassion and the full recognition of human rights for all.” Far more progressive than the Church.
Everyone has opinions based on their beliefs … and those opinions don’t make someone backwards or forwards – it is their actions based on those beliefs … He isn’t persecuting anyone. He isn’t trying to force policy based on those views. He doesn’t promote violence or intolerance by his people toward those who may act in a way he personally believes is improper. The Church can’t say the same.

Daniel R

Christopher Hitchens, who makes something of a career of this sort of iconoclasm, skewers him very well in his book God Is Not Great. Along with that other reactionary eastern mystic, Gandhi. Highly recommended.


From an atheist point of view, firstly I have to agree with answer number 4, those quotes of yours are a little out of context, and the Dali Lama would certainly not discriminate against anyone who fell into those categories and say that they could not be Buddhists, and unlike someone like the pope, he would listen to arguments that opposed his own view, he is open minded and kind hearted, how many other religious or political leaders could you say that about? I’m sure, like the rest of us he’s not perfect, but I think he would be the first to admit it, with all the intolerant and narrow minded religious and political leaders there are in the world, the Dali Lama is the last one anyone should complain about, the world would be a far better place if they all at least tried to be more like him:) It’s an interesting question though and your right that we shouldn’t just take people, particularly those in prominent positions, simply at face value.


And what Hat was He wearing when He made those alleged comments
Head of State in Exile or Buddhist Monk [ What is pertaining to be ]
As a Monk He doesn’t speak for Buddhists at such times Only for Himself
Buddhists are no Slave to any Book or Individual
We have the Kalama Sutra [ Google ]
Often termed
“The Buddhist Charter of Free Enquiry”..Thankfully
May this help


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