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The practice of meditation is being accepted by modern science, do you see it being prescribed by psychiatrist

Also, Will our general practitioners start to prescribe meditation as well as regular exercise?
See this article for some background information:
Do you think that doctors and psychologists, one day not too far away, will research and develop meditation techniques to help people deal with certain psychological disorders, and physical problems, perhaps alongside their medication? Do you see western science taking a deeper look into meditation, and deciding to perform some serious research by examining the techniques that have been established through centuries-old Eastern science?


  1. If their APA-friendly, no.
    Otherwise we already have psychiatrists who do that. It’s called alternative psychiatry, complimentary medicine, etc.

  2. I believe so. Meditation calms the mind, and the mind is where health arises from. I don’t think that it is so far fetched unless it is religion based.

  3. Absolutely. There is a whole movement within integrative and mind-body medicine to do this. Meditation, guided imagery, yoga and tai chi, among other “Asian” practices have already been shown to be effective treatments for some psychological conditions.
    http://www.apa.org (American Psychological Association)
    http://www.nicabm.com (Natl Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine)


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