"The Peace that Passeth all Understanding"?

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What does this phrase mean for you?
Is it, as the Buddhists might assert, a peace that one finds when one goes beyond attempts to understand something (such as a Zen koan or contemplation of the Trinity)?
Or is it a form of peace that one is unable to comprehend?
Or do you think of it is some different way?

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Dead people are at peace, but they don’t understand much.
(Try showing one how to operate an MP3 player).


That it is spiritually discerned, an goes beyond human understanding.

Pulling Down Strongholds

the quote is from the Bible, spoken by the apostle paul, referring to the grace of God through Jesus Christ. the peace that passes our understanding is why would God who is holy die on the cross for ALL our sins.


I think it is the Peace that the Lord brings, and it is different from the peace we get in the world. It is peace within a storm.


It’s a calm peace you have within, when you should be pulling your hair out! This peace is only given to us thru Christ.

God's Fountain Pen

This scriptural expression describes the sense of ‘internal calm or rest’ from anxiety, fear, depression, frustration, sorrow, etc. in the midst of external trying circumstances that would ‘naturally’ warrant these feelings or responses.


Passeth all understand means ‘cannot be explained or understood’. God gives us that kind of peace but those who will not accept God cannot possibly understand that kind of peace.

Matthew T

I think of it as the peace that comes from knowing that the story has a good ending.

Sorca S

It is the peace you realize that u feel when it appears to you that we are all one conciousness existing only through oursleves and embrace that feeling. God. Love ♥ Peace


This… is what happens when you are touched by the hand of god… you feel his presence so strongly that… well… hm
My most recent one, it was an almost physical impact, as if I was stuck. Then a feeling that my skin was being stretched too tightly… I was filled, and perfectly at peace.
I think the understanding bit… it just feel impossible, amazing, but crazy to get that feeling during prayer.


I was being attacked for what i believed in. Jesus and what He says in the Word. i should have been a mess as it was from my ministers but Inside it was the most wonderful peace you could ever imagine.
i will keep the God i know, my Healer, Deliver, Provider, Lover of my soul, my risen Lord and so much more.


It means that where materialism and religion fail,The living Christ in all our circumstances filling our hearts ,no matter what. No form of doctrine, no chanting, no doing good , no psychology, no attitude of mind can compare with the peace of Gods resurrected power in our lives.
Paul said ” I have learned to be content in all circumstances.”
But to understand your quotation we need to read everything Paul , as new Believer went through and wrote about.

alan h

It is that inner awareness that you are living in God’s will.


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