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The nature of the spiritual path . . . .?

Do you believe that the spiritual path to enlightenment/ salvation involves one awakening that sets you on the right path, or a series of awakenings that take you in steps?
or is it something else completely?


  1. It differs for each individual- sometimes life deals you such a blow you have limited options. You can either sink or swim.

  2. a series of awakenings that take you in steps.
    it’s those little aha moments that start the journey.
    Enlightenment is not so easily explained with words.

  3. Hmmm, I suppose it’s a gradual awakening in four stages, corresponding to the four bodies. Four is really a number a lot of traditions (Quabala and Vedic come to mind) agree on.
    But this would be more like the ‘journey’ (on the spot word I attributed to it). The path can take many forms, and is really what you choose. The journey is something they all have in common. Sort of.
    I’m not an authority on this.

  4. a series for sure. also i have found that there is no resolution and or lesson to learn without conflict.

  5. I don’t believe that enligtenment or salvation is necessary to lead a good life. The way to feel spiritually fufilled is to uphold and perfect the goals of your community and family, to further the cause of your investors and your offspring. I don’t really see why or how anything else is necessary.

  6. I believe that it is different for every individual. For me, it was a series of steps and decades of observation.
    Christians are handed their faith on a platter and do not require awakening.

  7. The soul sleeps as the subconscious, as man is learning simply to adequately function, struggle with trials and tests and learns of the world about him…
    He receives a moment of clarity, as the opening of the door of a darkened room, and the sunlight of grace and understanding pour into his heart. He is awakened. He then embarks upon a journey of rediscovering the world with spiritual vision and morale.
    The world is constant but man see’s a new beauty, light and truth about him..
    Spiritual awakening.
    Self realisation is similar in that man reaches a point where it ceases to be him against the world and with a detached observance he considers the world and his role and purpose within it.
    Peace To You …

  8. I think it’s a slow awakening…or maybe we could liken it to learning a language? First you decide you want to learn…then you learn the basics, though you still mess up. Then you become slowly more conversant and fluent as you continue practicing and seeking to learn. But if you neglect it, what you have gained, you can easily lose.

  9. It is different for everyone. For me it was following false spiritual ways to come to truth. Along the way spiritual lies and spiritual truth came separately or intermingled and left me in a spiritual haze. During that period of time I seriously doubt that I even considered what I was doing as spiritual in any sense because my mind and heart were turned far more to drugs or materialistic things. God became a convenience for me that I could turn to if things weren’t going right, and I made certain promises to Him that I never intended to keep.
    My awakening came after imprisonment on drug charges in Florida where for the first time in years I had no accees to drugs to keep me numbed to reality. I began a sober search for God there and it culminated in my finding Him after being released from prison.
    Since then my path has been single and focused because I have found truth that cleared my fogged vision and gave me the peace I sought in drugs, women, human companionship, witchcraft, church, and materialistic well being among other things. It changed my self-centered living to a life focused on pleasing God and doing all within my means and power to help others find the truth that delivered me from my ignorance and has given me peace beyond my wildest dreams.

  10. Good question! I think for most people it is a series of awakenings that DO take you step by step until you find what you are looking for.
    Enlightment? Haven’t found it yet, but I am hopeful to see the light at the other end someday.
    For the time being, I am just another solitary seeker of many truths – there are so many.

  11. i see it as a journey that may or may not involve awakenings. some people are morning people, some are not. i awaken gradually without any clear distinction between sleep and wakefulness, and that’s pretty much how my spiritual path has been working, too.

  12. I believe it is a series of awakenings, over several incarnations (for most people). I hope to never stop learning, searching, and opening my mind to new ideas. If I’d had only one awakening, I would still be lobbying against marriage equality, evangelizing to strangers, and raising my children to believe in Hell.
    My eyes are opened to new ideas almost daily. Are these ‘awakenings’? I don’t know. But I am thankful for them, and blessed to be on this journey!

  13. it can happen in an instant with a bang, a sudden realization, it can be a series of realizations or awakenings or it can happen very slowly, smoothly, almost unnoticed, subtle… many paths ARE the goal.


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