Home Discussion Forum The most rational explanation for consciousness there is?

The most rational explanation for consciousness there is?

No souls or anything…
Metaphysical possibly?


  1. It is the essence of each individual.It is the part that we use to make our choices, It is our core , that place where we choose the things we do .

  2. an alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation
    awareness: having knowledge of
    Consciousness has been defined loosely as a constellation of attributes of mind such as subjectivity, self-awareness, sentience, and the ability to perceive a relationship between oneself and one’s environment
    knowing and perceiving; having awareness of surroundings and sensations and thoughts

  3. Consciousness is state of mind widely accepted without any reference to soul or anything else.Same is with unconsciousness and sub consciousness.Super consciousness pertains to field of spirituality or increased awareness.Read Freud and his colleague carl Jung .

  4. Consciousness is often used colloquially to describe being awake and aware–responsive to the environment, in contrast to being asleep or in a coma.
    In philosophical and scientific discussion, however, the term is restricted to the specific way in which humans are mentally aware in such a way that they distinguish clearly between themselves (the thing being aware) and all other things and events. This “self-awareness” may involve thoughts, sensations, perceptions, moods, emotions, and dreams.

  5. It is the dynamic mental processes analyzing and evaluating those internal mental states. There, the external material world and the same internal mental processes are causing changes (making impressions) on those mental states.
    It works almost like pushdown automaton (PDA).


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