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the more consciousness you are about what you do and what happens around u, the scarier the life seems to get?

Do you agree?


  1. Well, I’d say that depends on how you define scary. You certainly see more of the world around you when you hope your eyes, but even if you kept them tightly closed, it would all still be happening. With open eyes, at least we may have a chance of changing the way things happen around us. Say you were in a car that was out of control- you might feel safer if you were asleep or unaware of your situation, but surely you’re safer in reality only through becoming conscious of what’s happening and doing something about it if you don’t like out of control cars. But to steer, you must be awake.
    It’s also much more exhilarating to be in the moment. Life is much more fun, much more intense, it’s actually worth living. I’m sure you know about Plato’s cave allegory; even though it may have been scary to leave the security of their shackles, don’t you think whoever got to experience the real sun had a better time of it in the end?


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