The Mighty Boosh – Who plays the head shaman's wife?

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Who is the girl that plays the head shaman’s wife, the extreme sports calendar model, in the episode “Party” in series 3?
I’ve already checked to see if she’s credited and she’s not.
Is she in the band Robots?

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find out here

Electro Leigh

She isn’t credited but I think she looks like Sue Denim from Robots in Disguise, I s’pose this would make sense as her bandmate Dee also appears in he ep. 🙂


It’s definitely not Sue Denim from Robots in Disguise. I think it’s Julia Davis. She’s been in it before aswell.

♥ღ♥ caroline ♥ღ♥

It’s Julia Davis. Her partner is Mighty Boosh star Julian Barratt with whom she has two children – twin boys called Walter and Arthur.

Jamie K

it’s not julia davis. the actress who plays the extreme sports calendar model is Dolly Wells, she’s also been in The IT Crowd, among other comedies she occasionally pops in for minor characters.


She’s played by Dolly Wells


its sue denim


Dolly Wells. Google the images and you’ll have no doubts about it.

The Mighty Boosh (TV series)
— Party (2007) … Methuselah
Dolly Wells, 100%


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