Home Discussion Forum The meaning of life lies in the development of spiritual consciousness?

The meaning of life lies in the development of spiritual consciousness?

What are your thoughts?


  1. No, my dear. The spirit or meaning of life lies in the meaning of the verb ‘to be.’ I am. You are. We are. That’s all. Nothing much to it is there?

  2. The meaning of life is different for each and every person. What does the point mean to you? Usually the answer lies in the question. What is the meaning of life? Life is the Meaning of what. What is BEING. BEING is Life. All is a form of BEING in all it’s infinite change and variety.

  3. The true meaning of life for a human being is Mystical Union.
    This should be the central aim, purpose and achievement of each and every human being traveling in the Divine Path.
    It is pre-requisite that the Wisdom present within man be allowed to emerge.
    Wisdom is what allows man to grow in spiritual consciousness.
    “Peace be always with you.”

  4. My thoughts sometimes get me in trouble, all religions are started when someone has a very deep mystical “experience”, their followers, some of which misunderstand write down their own view of what the person said and meant, thus a religion is formed. My thoughts on that subject are that society and religion have “taught” us to be very unnatural, in our natural state we are blissful being….and beings at the same time.

  5. The whole purpose of here is to wake up & realize that we are in union with the Divine, that we live, & breathe , & have our being in God, that there never has been & never will be anything that in reality is not of God; to wake up & realize we never left, but are having a nightmare of separation. The real, authenic I has no need to grow or develop spiritual consciousness, it is God awareness now. What some call the path is the journey to this realization, the process taken to wake up.

  6. Hello
    The development of spiritual consciousness requires & gives a greater knowledge of the self & from that we can understand life with greater insight.


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