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The Mayan Prophecy or 2012?

What’s supposed to happen in 2012?
Everyone says that the world is going to end or something, but I’m not sure.
The Mayans said that it will be “a time of great forgetting,” and people are saying that what will happen could be anything “From cataclysm to enlightenment, world war to world peace, massive earth changes and physical destruction, to massive spiritual awakening to our inherent oneness”
So, what I want to know is, what exactly IS supposed to happen?
Are we going to enlightened and become one with the earth, or is the ground beneath us going to disapear or something?
I got the quotes from this website:
Goodness, I forgot to cite where I found them, and people start freaking out.
Settle down garrisonbight.


  1. Your question is unable to be answered by any scholar or any person. What will happen in 2012? We dont know, thats the scary part. Maybe the world will end, maybe the mayans were right. Or maybe they were foolish and wrong. The only way to determine the answer is to wait for the time to come and have time answer your question for you. If you are near convinced its true though, all I can say is live each day at its best. Then if you end up being wrong, it’s not like you are going to go back and regret living your life to its fullest, ya know? Hope I could give some good insight.

  2. Where the hell did you get a Mayan QUOTE? That is just about the most bogus thing I’ve seen and someone is trying to take the FACT that the mayan calendar runs out on 21 Dec 2012 and add words to the story to ‘prove’ it’s true.
    THAT IS FALSE… the only thing true is, the calendar STARTS OVER AGAIN… Geesch… enough with the supposed “quotes” that are nothing more than a figment of your imagination
    I HAVE a replica of the Mayan Calendar… it’s 2 FEET in Diameter, so it’s about 1/4 the size of the actual calendar. I look at that thing every day and I see NOTHING that says the world is going to end… it’s a CIRCLE and CIRCLES don’t END.. they just REPEAT.

  3. Well the Planet X NASA found is moving our way, and is already visible by some in the south……way down south. I seen pics of it. It is suppose to go through the orbit zones by that time and supposedly could cause a polar shift on this planet, making terrible things happen such as increased earthquakes, more tornados and land being covered in water. So, it is possible.

  4. yes I’ve heard of it and it is very interesting and disturbing. Basically according to the Mayan calendar on Dec 21, 2012 the earth is suppose to go through a dark time or dark moon or something very bad. To there calendar it is based upon the birth of the earth and right now it is in the decline of the 3rd earth and will be the fourth earth on that date. According to there astrology this age is suppose to be a bad one. I am not sure if it is the apolcolpyse but I have heard some things about how the computer will be the destruction of this planet. Other than that I know Nostradamus had some kind of perdiction about it but he has predictions up to the year 3000 and little beyond that. If your really into this stuff, I recommend the film on the histopry channel about it. Has every calendar, culture and it explains in full detail of why this date is bad and why the Mayans and other astrologers see bad things for us int he future.


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