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The lower lid hair on my cats eyes is causing them to be sore and look very uncomfortable. What can I do?

My cat got over cat conjunctivitis a few weeks ago but ever since has had the hair on his lower lids pushing into his eye and rubbing against his eye balls. His eyes look a little sore as his third eye lids are further across than they should be I think. He has a tiny little bit of discharge from them occasionally but his behaviour seems fine. You can see his bottom lids almost look a little puckered and the hair constantly on his eye balls must be sore for him. If I move his lower lids to remove the hair, he flinches and then as soon as I let go of his eye it goes straight back in again. I will take him to the vets on monday but wondered if anyone had any advice until then as it costs me SO much money each time I go.


  1. I’m glad you’re going to the vet. I don’t want you to panic but if you leave this untreated, it could cost your cat its eyesight. Until Monday, you can try wiping your cat’s eyes down with a cotton ball soaked in a warm salt-water solution.

  2. this can happen but usually happens with certain breeds of dogs more often. its an inverted eyelid. it could have been caused by the eye infection or the eye infection could have been caused by the inverted eyelid. at any rate. the vet can fix it pretty fast. usually a few stitches and they go home. it may cost but it is worth it.

  3. This happened to my cat after he lost a lot of weight. Because the skin was stretched, it is now sagging (according my vet) without the extra fat to support it and folding in.
    It can also happen when the cat gets dehydrated.
    My vet gave us some oinment to put on it to help prevent infection. It seems to make it more lubricated, and therefor more comfortable.
    I was also told that we could have the lid “stitched” a bit, to make it fold back out. (Sort of cosmetic surgery for a cat!)
    I have not had this done (we found a heart murmur, unfortunately, preventing our ability to operate on our poor guy) but my friend’s rat terrier also had this, and did have the surgery done. His lid flipped right back out and the dog was back to his normal self a couple days later.
    The cost for the ointment and/or surgery will depend on your vet and location. A city vet may cost more, but will have better “practice” at something less common such as the prcedure you are looking at having done. You want it done right!
    You are right that his 3rd eyelid is showing. It’s meant to protect his eye. The irritation is probably triggering a bit of a reflexive squinting.
    Good luck to you and your kitty!
    If nothing else, maybe you can get some ophthalmic antibacterial ointment to use over the weekend to make him more comfortable until you can get in? (That’s what we are using)
    It’s basically the same as bacitracin that you would put on a skinned knee, but made to put in the eye, so it doesn’t sting.

  4. You need to wait and see what the vets say but if the eye lashes are growing in towards the eye then he may suggest he needs a operation to solve the problem. And he may not be able to do that himself as it is usual done by a specailist vet as you need special equipment. But i am affraid it is not cheap but for the sake of the cat if he say it needs done you need to find the money. Have you got him insure as they cover those sort of thngs.


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