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The Love Play of the Gods : Rediscovering Sacred Khajuraho

Inspired by Osho’s insights on Khajuraho and Tantra, this documentary offers a deep understanding of the sublime intricacies of Tantra. Tantric art is rich with the symbolism of unity and wholeness and is intended to create a state of reflection and expanded consciousness in the viewer. “The Love Play of the Gods” explores the profound vision of the Tantric sages and reveals its compelling relevance in our modern-day lives.

Lost and forgotten in the Indian jungle for hundreds of years, the temple city of Khajuraho has become world-famous for its masterpieces of erotic art.
Often described as ‘The Kama Sutra in Stone,’ these temples present far more than an ordinary exhibition of human sexuality. They are a vivid expression of Tantra, an ancient non-dualistic philosophy that embraces all life as divine.

The DVD ‘ The Love Play of the Gods‘ (75 min) is now available at www.theloveplayofthegods.com

This documentary inspires us to go beyond the delusion of separation, recognizing divinity in ourselves and in the world around us. Love is the essence of Tantric wisdom. This film is a dedication to art, love, and life itself. May it be an inspiration for a higher quality of life in all of us.

Leading experts guide us through the significance of the sculptures and make Indian philosophy and cosmology easy to understand. The film includes rare footage of the Wedding of the Gods, a ritual still celebrated in Khajuraho every year during the Shiva Ratri Festival, in which the washing and adorning of a giant stone phallus as the bridegroom illustrates the Hindu vision of Divine Union.

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