the lion the witch and the wardrobe characters , what do they mean ? ?

by Helenn<3:

well aparantly the characters all mean something , a character in the bible ? could any one PLEASE tell me what they mean ? thanks a bunch 🙂 x

Answer by achilles500
The Lion (Aslan) is Jesus. I guess the witch is the devil.


  • I feel the four children are patterned after the four living creatures.
    Peter the high king is the brave Lion. Edmund is the struggling Man. Susan is the intelligent Eagle and Lucy is the healing serving Ox. It’s complicated but I feel Lewis understood the Four Living creatures enough to put it in his very first story.

  • You are probably aware that CSLewis meant Aslan to represent Jesus Christ, however, his fiction is not as simple as “everything has a spiritual meaning”, because his stance, unlike some other Christian and secular writers, was not to “shove in allegory in at all costs” but to write a good story! I studied all of his known writings for a year at university level to ascertain that believes in the concept of “true myth”- this is quite hard to explain in a few sentences, but he believes that in every culture there is something that points in mythological form to what actually happens in the Person of Jesus coming to earth. The White Witch represents the Devil or evil forces, but in another Narnian tale – the Silver Chair- she is actually a Green Lady (or rather a serpent). The human children are just that – children from this world- but Edmund and later on Eustace represent the believer (a bit like in Pilgrim’s Progress) who – when he understands and accepts what Aslan can do for him – has a life-changing experience of the King. Aslan is the Son of the Emporer-over-Seas, so we can take him as being “God the Father”….but a lot of the characters are CSLewis’ favourite mythical beasts and fantastical talking animals – he had a liking for the idea of any kind of talking creature, some are good and some bad, and a particular penchant for mice!! The centuars, as also in JKRowling, are wise creatures who can see things in the heavens…I wish I knew what charactrer you were wondering about in particular so I could help you further, I love CSLewis’ writings to bits…are you allowed to get in touch with me? Hope so, all the best!

  • At a basic level, in ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’, Aslan can be seen as representing Christ (Aslan sacrifices himself for the sake of the children and is later resurrected) and the Witch can be compared to Satan (tempting Edmund).

    There is an awful lot of Christian imagery across all of the Narnia books, but interestingly there is also a lot of references that relate to pagan belief systems and Norse and Greek mythology (e.g. magic, fauns, centaurs, etc…)

    Fundamentally the Narnia books are fantasy stories which represent battles between the forces of good and evil – C S Lewis borrowed from a number of religions and belief systems in order to highlight the morality tale element of his stories.

  • As far as I understand, the Narnia series is an allegory to an extent, but I don’t think it extends as far as you think. Aslan is like Jesus (is killed, rises to life again); his father is the emperor over the sea, who is like God; and the witch is like Satan. A lot of the plot lines parallel history according to God: for example, the Magician’s Nephew is like the creation of the world, and the Last Battle has images of going to Heaven. And a lot of the narrator’s comments, especially regarding Aslan, and Aslan’s own words, are intended to reveal spiritual truth in the context of Christianity.

    But I don’t think every character represents someone specific, and not every storyline represents something Biblical. Lots of it is just good imaginative reading.

  • Possibly (theoretically) the four living creatures in Revelation.

    Did you know that the C.S. Lewis was the college roommate of J.R.R. Tolkein, author of Lord of the Rings?

  • i wish i could help u in this question but im not to sure but il tel u what, i love all the series of the film in cluding prince caspian but the original ones done in the 80 s

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