the life and times of the witch of endor?

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now here is a tough question. can anyone tell me about the witch of endor. besides whats in the bible is there any other information about her and her life.I am doing research on her but cant seem to find anything on her. I have looked everywhere for it.and everybody comes up with a blank.what was her life like and what all did she do. was she married ,have any kids etc.we all know that she was a powerful witch in her time.and that there was none like her since .this is the question of the hour.

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Deep Thought

Well you could start your research here:
Who knows what you might turn up.


Didn’t she die when a house fell on her? Or maybe it was when she was splashed with a bucket of water.
Wait, wait; I think she discovered a rebel base on one of her moons.

Tahuti Reincarnate

I thought Ewoks lived on Endor.


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