The Inexplicable Sexual Scent of God In You!

Mode of Cosmic Fragrance Therapy

Most of us would agree that human beings are guided, controlled, dictated and governed by subconscious desires that we are ?more than likely? unaware. Not only are we ignorant of the significance attached to ?all too obvious clues?, promptings, implications, distinctions, and surprising consequences but more importantly we, sometimes, [more often than not] ignore or deny much to our chagrin, those sensations which result in ?weird feelings? as such, In other words, we discount the sensations without trusting our first instinct. These hidden desires, not only, motivate, encourage, confuse, constrict, dissuade, and support decisions and/actions we probably don?t properly understand or appreciate fully, at the time, but we attempt to fill and justify the awkward space with anything available or convenient to us at the moment.. Furthermore, we try to interpret the meanings of our reactions to the various situations with only half the information supplied, which only complicates the already muffled scenario.

More than likely, these same underlying unclear nudging prompters show up at the least likely places in blatant emotional displays that shock us, or at the very least cause us to ponder ?silent embarrassing or guilt-ridden thoughts of fantasy or disgrace?. In these moments of perplexing confidential personal confrontations, we dare not utter our private thoughts aloud. But, while we try to process the uncomely thoughts, we are forced to ask ourselves the question: ?where did those feelings come from or WHY did I think that?.? Some may interpret these unexpected uncomfortable sensations as natural ATTRACTION. Others, however, are bombarded with expressing unsettling words that don?t make one bit of sense. Regardless of how the feelings are explained away or reasoned out, the fact remains that we respond emotionally to things according to unknown factors lodged somewhere deep between the recesses of our memories and the current activities in the environment.

At times, we are simply baffled by certain reactions which cause us to either be repelled or drawn immediately to certain people, places and events. It?s something that happens of itself. We know instinctively whether we like something or we don?t! No if, ands, or buts about it. We just plain KNOW! We just can?t say WHY we do. According to Sigmund Freud, ?The quickest way to trigger an emotional response is with scent.? I am convinced {current research also strongly suggests} that the power of scent is the single most influencing factor in determining a person?s predispositions. You don?t have understand why something or someone appeals to you, or not, but you do have to respond to those initial stirrings in order to discover more about the apparent mystery. In fact, you are powerless to do otherwise.

Thus, begins the challenge of paradoxical pursuit. {Following an individual scent that has lured you.} Like a Blue Tick hound on the ?hot? chase of a raccoon, the object of your affection will soon be treed, you hope. The pursuit involves the old ?cat and mouse? chase of ambiguity and, at first, secrecy. Something of an ethereal nature has been set in motion to unlock the door into the unknown aspects of yourself to reveal veiled motivations unknown to you at the time. It will take the complexity of the involvement to unravel, disclose and address various features which make you who you are. These facets will be brought to surface and reflected in the unique relationships, circumstances and people you choose to get involved with. This illogical quest for the other is divine in nature. How could it be otherwise?

Some of you may say that attraction to certain relationships is obvious. [Nothing very mysterious, at all.}The ?all too common? desperate seed of loneliness, boredom, and/or restlessness begins to stir pushing its way to the surface seeking union. And, I say ?I beg to differ.? Holding at bay that apparent lame excuse, something far more inexplicable is at work. Something beneath the obvious that is pulling your strings. What could that mysterious impetus be? SCENT. That?s right. The smell of the encounter has inadvertently caught your nose. And, like that same Blue Tick hound in heat, you?re fast on the trail of your new found fascination no matter where it leads. No matter the briars, brambles and overgrown weeds; nothing will stop you (short of debilitating illness) in capturing and maintaining the passionate sensual aroma which has so concretely arisen in your life. This Divinely manufactured indelibly imprinted scent locks onto its duplicate with ?no holds barred.? ?IT? is the honing apparatus of delirious pleasure sought and fulfilled in sacred union.

There?s an ongoing debate with chemists as to whether scent is triggered by receptors or vibrations. {Another lengthy article of discussion for another time} Either way, the point remains: certain fragrances work specifically for you and only YOU! Imagine walking into a Bakery where several different delicious aromas linger in the air. Notice how you immediately are drawn to a specific scent. Nothing else will satisfy. The same exacting experience happens when you meet a designated person on your path. Although you may not immediately become aware of it; the innate scent of that individual grabs your ?gut level? attention, filtering and eliciting uncontrollable emotions. You can?t get him/her out of your mind. A deliberate act of the Divine in operation using a distinctive fragrance to attract or repel.

Preferred scent is something incredibly difficult to explain or comprehend. Bottom LINE: You are able to detect, without a moment?s hesitation, a fragrance you love or despise. You just know! It?s generative passion at work. Sort of magical, I guess. Anyway, enhancing, enlivening, and accentuating our natural scent encourages an overall sense of well-being. [A Plugged in feeling, unresponsive to anything else]. Remember and never forget: WE ARE PLEASURE SEEKING CREATURES. We feel better (pleasure-full) about ourselves when we know we smell good {desirable}. Here?s the deal for real: smell great, feel good, travel far, stay late.

We all possess a certain celestial flavor! My flavor is not your flavor nor can it be duplicated by you or anyone else. Its called being ?tuned in? and ?turned on.? Yes, it?s sexually sensual in nature because we are designed that way. But, more than that, it?s spiritual in premise. Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind, remember? We start at the lowest rung of the ladder (whatever interests us) and proceed upwards. All creativity is sexual in expression. Art, music, drama, and the written word, most especially. We possess instinctual sensual drives that are geared to gravitate to the necessary experiences we need. We start by being attracted to someone or something. We like the ?smell? of it because we generated the erotic mating scent to begin with.

Of course, it also has to do with us procreating the Earth but, nonetheless, the divine subliminal urge encompasses far more than meets the eyes and nose, so to speak. Sacred scent, perfume of the gods, instilled in us prompts us to act for our soul?s experience (assignment). We, as human beings, are propelled to discover who we are, what we want, and for what purpose we inhabit the planet. Without instinctual sexual appeal, little would be accomplished on the journey towards self-evolvement, self-actualization or self-fulfillment.

Each person expresses his/her divine will in various ways but all imbued sexual energy is released in music, drama, art the written and spoken word through intercourse with it. No, you do not have to be viewed as an artist {which, in fact, you are} or musician or actor, or author. Every conscious or unconscious stroke you make with your arms, legs, hands, head, feet or body exemplifies the artistic display of your unique divine sexual energy. Every word you utter screams in full animation the sensual tones of divine sexual scented expression.

There?s no way to get away from it: you are the walking embodiment of fragrant god humanly expressed. This sacred fragrant energy, of which we all possess, never ages or diminishes. It remains constant and vibrantly aromatically youthful throughout our entire life. To deny its fullest erotic expression of creative activity causes us all sorts of problems. (Physical and mental) People tend to barricade sexual energy in the most limited of forms. They usually define it as ?making love? which of course it is. However, sex does not begin in the bedroom. It begins with a sacred whiff. It travels wide and far! In every encounter imaginable. You are expressing and using sweet-smelling sexual energy. How can it possibly be a separate part of you? If you smile, it?s there. If you raise your voice, it?s there. If you consume a delicious meal, it?s there. When you actively engage in your chosen field of work, it?s there. When you read a book, it?s there. When you view a flower, look at a sunset, tell someone you care, it?s there. When you work on a problem to solve, it?s there. The Divine Scent precedes you and sustains you.

It rules you and everything you do because it is none other than the unmistakable omnificent Divine Creative scented force {Ineffable Gratifying Sacred Sensual Sexual Perfume) of the universe. Nothing exists without it. Nothing. You move, breathe and have your being in it. There is no doubt that it ?Sex Instinct? has been distorted, twisted, deformed, disfigured, sublimated, subverted and denied but it is still there strong and pure, innocent. If the words: ?Make love to God and to life? causes you to flinch, maybe you need to broaden your horizons and expand your mind?s parameters concerning this delightful perfumed divine sacred energy.

To live reverently involves passion. In order to evoke passion, you must recognize and embrace your own divine expression of god?s magnificent fragrant energy flowing through you. Don?t be afraid of it?s multi-fashioned multi-colored splendor. The smell of God paves the way for you in your daily walk. This awe-inspiring life giving sensually erotic power remains true in you while you are busily resisting, rebelling, defending, or justifying its immobile expression. It pulsates patiently and unceasingly in you while the rest of your pitiful unexpressed creative life corrodes away. Arise, awake, arouse the animally aromatic SUPREME WILL to guide your feet in unutterable pleasure divine. Appreciate its lofty sweet-smelling intoxicating domain. Turn up the powerfully erotic fragrance and be filled to capacity with the unquenchable sublime.

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Proud Native {Born, Bred, and Resident} of North Carolina, married 39 spectacular years, 6 children, 11 grandchildren.

I am passionate about love, living, laughter, liberty, learning, listening, loosening up, lounging, lunch, liveliness, literacy, lip stick, letting my hair down, leaping, leaning, libido, lifting, linking, looking, lodging, lemons and lyrics.

My personal and professional background is wide and varied. I have a BS in Communication with a MA in Art Education. I am a Cosmic Therapist, artist, entertainer, singer/songwriter, musician, composer, playwright, perfumer, astrology, author, teacher, speaker, poet and self-taught chef.

I am also a radio/television talk show creator, host and director. In addition when I’m not busy, I maintain a presence at M.O.D.E International School of Esoteric Arts and Sciences of which I founded many years ago,

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