!!…The Indigo Children..!! The new kids have arrived!?

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Indigo is a child who displays psychic abilities, is extremely sensitive and have a strong connection with nature. Indigo children are old souls who decided to reborn in Earth this time because they want to save her. They have extremely big, wise, deep looking eyes and when they talk with you they are always lookin you in the eyes. They remember their past lives, they know who exactly they are and why they are here. Indigo’s display telepathy, have very strong intuition, have dreams that come true, and they have the ability to see auras and maybe heal physical or mental pain. They can sense dishonesty, and always need to know “why” when they are going to do somthing. They know when they’re lied to and they show signs of ADD/ADHD. When they are little they can see angels, and they are very religious and spiritual.
What’s your opinion about those children?
Do you think you are one of them,and why?
I am an Indigo child and I’d be happy to find others like me.
Love, light and peace!

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Father Guido

Your parents are scary people.
And they have brainwashed you.


No, I am one of God’s kids we have our joy in the Lord and tell others about our joy. We don’t need to read people’s minds, by their actions you will know them. We have one life and that is it; I am glad of it. My agnostic friends call me an old soul because I am very spiritual. They say its a good thing. Eye’s are the windows of your soul if you dont’ find light there you need to back away slowly.

Abriel Lokiskona

Sorry dear, but the whole thing is BS. Perhaps you are gifted, but it ain’t because you’re an Indigo child. That is something that parents made up just as an excuse for everyone to think that their brats are so special. The so-called “signs” for identifying Indigo children are remarkably similar to symtoms for a variety of emotional and behavioral disorders, among them autism, ADD, depression, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder, and some of those “signs” are just symptoms of bad parenting.
I believe that a lot of things are possible but after looking into the whole Indigo child thing I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s hokey. And one reason? I was told when I was younger that I was probaly an Indigo child but then as I got older and started questioning it those same people backtracked real quick and were all “Well, maybe you aren’t an Indigo after all…” Turns out I merely suffered from severe childhood depression.

James, Mormon Apologist

Do yourself a favor and become a flimmaker.

cat p

I fit their mold pretty well too, from what material I found (I was a strange and bright kid, now am a strange and bright adult). But, tell me, whats the point of such a high IQ as you supposed have if your self esteem is so low as to buy into that twaddle?
Yes we get it, it’s actually sad though, you should seriously seek a counsellor to chat to! (I’m not saying it to be mean at all, but I sincerely believe you would benefit from the exercise, please, consider it)



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