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The holgraphic mind/beam……..??

Great stuff…I liked it so much that I’m putting it into Y!A twice!
It gives one something to think about! 🙂 There’s more to follow…
“The brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe. We can view ourselves as physical bodies moving through space. Or we can view ourselves as a blur of interference patterns enfolded throughout the cosmic hologram.
This could be also expressed with the analogy that the brain is like the laser beam that shines through the holographic film to interpret the patterns. As it turns out, you can preserve the interference patterns of more than one hologram on the same film by using various different angles of projection of the laser beams.
Therefore, depending on the direction and frequency of the beam that you send through the film, a different hologram will appear. So, if applied to the brain, consciousness literally becomes the co-creator of the reality portrayed depending upon its angle of perception. This does not mean that if I am looking at
…oops….I ran out of word/space…..sorry!
Hey, Rev,
This is me…chillin’. =D
That’s what we do here, Phil, “Menturbate”! Otherwise, Y!A would go out of business!


  1. This is actually an old, mistaken interpretation of some experiments on rats. Since rats could still run mazes with different parts of their brains cut out, some people jumped to the conclusion that brains contain all of their information in each portion.
    We now know this to be wrong. Anyone who has studied trauma-induced brain injury can tell you that the location of a lesion will almost always predict what sort of deficiencies to expect. Brain function is to a large degree modular.
    Unfortunately, the wrong idea (“holographic brain”) has been preserved in a so-called “popular science” book, so many people believe it despite its not fitting at all with modern evidence.

  2. We are indeed co-creators with God. We accomplish this knowingly or sub conscientiously through thought. The same way God creates.No, we are not God,nor can we create like God,but our thoughts do manifest into reality. Why does a coach encourage his team to envision winning? How could this possibly effect the outcome? Although the coach may not fully understand why it works,he just knows it does. It has an effect because we can co-create. Its a trait passed on to us by our heavenly father.

  3. It’s getting so that when I hear the word “holographic”, I figure somebody’s been menturbating too much. 😉

  4. Lol Smile love ya!
    we found the light in the East we are regrouping some idea’s to show love and peace Salam 🙂


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