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The governmnet says its ILLEGAL to dream?!?! has it really come to this America?

Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is a psychedelic tryptamine that humans produce NATURALLY from their pineal gland located in the center of your brain, it’s the cause of dreaming at night, If we didn’t produce this we would go crazy, for some unknown reasons.
but it is ILLEGAL to possess DMT even though it is produced by most living things, grass contains it as well.
extracting it is illegal even though it is NOT an addictive substance, and has NO withdraw or danger symptoms.
so guess what America u better turn yourselves in, for committing a felony, what ur brain produces is more illegal than heroin.
guess everyone who supports this law better lock themselves up as well.
what do you think?


  1. First of all the government did NOT say it is illegal to dream. It is illegal to purchase, sell, and possess many substances which the body produces naturally but are artificially created and abused.

  2. because it could be used as a drug, they arent saying u cant have it in ur body, u just cant have concentrated amounts. example: ur body makes seratonin, but extacy and LSD are illegal,

  3. gov is stupid sometimes.
    did you know that the Social Security Adminstration won’t give you benefits when you are older than the average life expectancy.
    “ok hold on, you are supposed to die 4 years ago. you don’t get benefits”….yeah they really do say that.

  4. Wow. You should be a politician. What are you doing on Y/A? Get out there and get crackin at the books girl. I think you have to become a lawyer or something along those lines and then really kiss A with all the local politicians (that’s the way you start- research it). Good luck.

  5. God, I wish I had the time to worry about such a trivial thing!! Put that energy into figuring out how we will get Social Security!!

  6. wouldnt doubt this at all,this is one way of many that GOD comunicates to us is thru dreams or visions! so yes the world wich is run by satan would surley want to extract it rite out ur brain! very feasable!

  7. You produce it naturally, so what do you need it for in processed form, sweetie….?
    Yes, your body “needs” it – while you are asleep. Unless you are not sleeping, you don´t need it. Full stop, really.
    How can you know there are no withdraws or dangerous symptoms, have you conducted long-term research in the field? To my current knowledge, nobody has so far.
    Your body is “naturally” made up of a large percentage of water – but you need to refill because your body can´t process water. In this case, outside fuel is not only reasonable but necessary. With dreaming though, sorry.
    Why would you want to swallow, let´s say, that pill unless you´re up to dreaming-while-awake…? That is abusing a substance and therefore counts.

  8. I don’t think so…Nobody can extraction something from your brain. I dream everynight, and I love it. That’s unheard of…what kind of communist country do you live in? lol

  9. These people who outlaw drugs have probably never so much as smoked a cig, people are way too quick to outlaw drugs as all bad, yes I agree heroin and that genre of drugs do pose an issue to society, BUT not any more than alcohol does, in England where I live there is drunken violence every night, almost all street crime and assaults involve alcohol and those intoxicated by it, I’ve yet to see a news report about psychadelics causing such ape like behavour. I think allowing research into these types of drugs before making them illegal would be far better than simply banning them. I doubt all the people who say making drugs illegal is the best way forward would condone a complete ban on alcohol now would they.

  10. I think you are either woefully misinformed, or tragically ignorant. Is this really all you have to do; sit around and ponder WHY it would be illegal to extract a substance like this, and try to make it sound like it would be against the law to produce, in your body, a normal body substance? Pfffftttt.
    Edit: Aside to coolkid2: I don’t know where you got that information, but my mother lived to be 98 years old; my father lived to 93. Both well beyond the “normal life expectancy”. They both received Social Security checks until their last month of life.

  11. I think that you are going a little far with your question.
    No, it’s not “illegal to dream”. There is no way to stop that without mind control, and that would violate everything that the US Constitution stands for.
    In the United States, it is illegal to possess a controlled substance – which DMT is. Yes – your brain does produce it naturally. But you also mislead by stating that there are no danger symptoms. The danger is that if you orally injest or inject the substance, your brain will cease to produce it, causing permanent danger to the individual taking it. So you will never be able to stop taking it or you will go crazy. If that isn’t a dangerous side effect, I don’t know what is!
    The reason stated above is the very reason it is illegal to take. Yes a doctor can prescribe it to you, but if you don’t have a prescription for it, then you are illegally taking it, and that is a felony.
    I think someone needs a bit of rationality in their life so they don’t over dramatize situations. . .

  12. Dmt is amazing. its produced when your born when you dream and when you die,most people who use it experience the same thing and have similiar stories to tell after the trip. i think its ridiculous that the government would outlaw anything that is produced by nature. most people cant explain why drugs are bad other then the statement drugs are bad. what are the true reasons for making “illegal” drugs illegal? where are the studies. im not advacating hard drugs like meth or cocaine crack heroin etc should be banned but mdma which some studies have claimed to be “ten years of therapy in a pill” shouldnt be

  13. We dream to sort out, delete and categorize all the information that has been received throughout the waking hours. While DMT may be produced naturally within the body, there is no alteration of the chemical to be considered illegal, which if you possess it externally, you are in violation. Therefore, go back in the bathroom and repeat that self-inflicted lobotomy and re-insert the pineal gland.

  14. It’s illegal to posses DMT other than what naturally occurs.
    In the same vein, it is illegal to posses/use any given drug for any reason other than what it is prescribed for. Same idea.
    You need to take a law, government, history and a spelling class.

  15. the government also says medical marijuana is a cruel fantasy that sounds like something out of the cheech and chong show. thats funny even though the government already knew the anti-emetic, anti-spastic, and appetite stimulating effects of marijuana long before it was even illegal. they learned how thc shrinks brain, bone, and breast tumors in mice and shelved the reports. if thats not enough, there was a federal medical marijuana program for over thirty years. so now they denounce it entirely? you have to take everything gthe government tells you with a grain of salt these days.


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