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the goverment does not want us to know the existance of aliens?

what do you think about this?
What would the aliens want with our planet? There are three major scenarios as to the noticed behind their actions:
They want to take over the planet and steal our resources.
They are explorers and observing us like a scientist studies an experiment from afar.
They want to show the human race that they are not alone in the universe, but due to our hostile nature, they have decided to slowly manipulate our species so that we will be more open to their existence.
If you couldn’t guess, the third possibility is the most plausible given the data that has been collected. In our past, aliens’ existence almost became common knowledge, due to mistakes on their part and some of our own.
When a ufo crashed outside Roswell, and was recovered by the military, their presence in our lives was broadcast around the world, only to be covered up the very next day by our government.
It was clear that our rulers didn’t want us to find out the truth about our presence in the universe and of alien life, so they thought it better to collaborate with the visitors, gain technology, and keep their existence a secret.
This plan has worked for most of our past, except for the fact that the aliens have their own agenda, are seeking acceptance in our culture. The human race is being changed, slowly, even if it is one person at a time.
People are being abducted, tested, and altered genetically to allow for other portions of their brains, which control esp, telepathy, etc; to become active. In doing so, the human species will be able to interact on a new higher level of consciousness, see the futile practices of worshipping gods and fighting wars.
Along with direct manipulation of the human species, hybrids, crosses of aliens and humans are being made, so that they will be able to live amongst us without our knowing.
If the aliens were hostile, and wanted our planet for its resources, they would have taken it away from us centuries ago when we still thought the earth was the center of the universe, not now when we have nuclear weapons, lasers, and space crafts of our own.
thanks for youre opinions


    • You closed minded thing. Do you think that if you were in Europe 1,000 years ago, you would have been one of the only humans to say, “I bet there are different colored people an ocean away, new cicilizations, and people living different lives as we speak”. NO, you would say what you say now, “we are alone”, if in fact you even stopped to consider the subject at all.

  1. The government doesn’t want you to know about it’s agenda with their spy planes and war jets. But they can’t hide them forever.
    So one of the great solutions was to encourage the alien theory. Heck they even had one of their officers start the crap back in the forties, and let the public imagination take it from there. And they have.

  2. i agree with some of the stuff on here. i mean really, how can we be the only planet with life on it? it seems alittle strange if you ask me. the government is probably not telling us alot of this outspace stuff. they make the lameist excuses and are really bad at covering up things. i do think there is life out there beyond our solar system.

  3. I can’t argue with you on many of your points about aliens and the possibilities for their visits, but the genetic hybrid developing may be stretching it a bit based on what we actually do know, which isn’t much. Also I find it quite a stretch that our government is even capable of “collaborating” with aliens. Healthy imagination can be a good thing, but try to return to planet earth and realize that a lot of what you have stated is speculation or is based on suspect accounts.

  4. Heh. ^_^ I only have one real comment on all of this.
    The religion thing might be more important than you realize. If someone, *anyone* that is, came out with *Proof*, tomorrow, that we weren’t alone in the universe, that natural selection *is* right and that Organized Religion *was* wrong all this time….there’d be riots, at least, if not World War Four. Simply put, there are *way* too many people who are *way* too emotionally invested in their belief systems. We *already* have people shooting and bombing each other in the name of their “god” and his “dictates”.
    It would only get worse in the presence of actual *evidence* that the whole thing was a fraud. So much so that some folks would fear for the future of the world and human endeavor (civilization, survival) upon it.
    So yeah….what you say may or may not have a ring of truth to it. Just be advised, a lot of people aren’t just naysaying out of mere skepticism….they are doing it out of fear too, fear that the lunatics among us will *lose it* and try to bring about the End of Days in earnest. -_-
    Hope this explained things a little. Thanks for your time.

    • Natural selection is a useless arguement for evolution bc natural selection can only select against something, but can not create or add anything! Therefore for natural selection to be right we would have had to start with everything in existance and then selected down to what we have now you could not go the other way because selecting reduces things not expands them.

  5. You are right about one thing, if they wanted to take over us they would have done it a long time ago. I feel that they are observing us as we observe the animals around us. I only wish they take me away soon before I get blown up by some religious extremist.

    • Sorry but i don’t think you know what natural selection is exactly. Nature selects traits of an animal which is best used for its survival. Animals are born with those new traits from mutation in genetics and DNA. Natural selection just selects those traits.

    • I know some people are nonrelgious because they don’t have a god but aeitiest are retarded just watch Lee B when the one true god comes down to rescue you be going with us.

  6. we are the aliens. if there was no mankind on planet earth, there would be a perfect balance. but we are here, and we are using up all natural resources. we are the aliens.

  7. There are two. factions. The good guys and the bad guys. The good guys look out for us. The bad guys seek to modify human DNA to gain control over the reality program to change the programming for special interests who seek to control humanity.

  8. I think that there are aliens out there, but they are more likely to resemble something like algae. They definitely wouldn’t look anything like they do it the movies. They probably wouldn’t have any vocal chords. I don’t think that the U.S. government knows anymore about extra-terrestrial life than we do.

  9. The Government and the aliens have had various contacts over the past few decades, probably a lot more than we could imagine…
    There are millions of people who have seen UFOs and millions of people who have been abducted by aliens…
    I am a member of a group who are mostly abductees, and we can’t all have had the same dream/s…
    Soon there will be enough evidence to expose the biggest cover up job executed on the planet probably in history…
    Blessed Be… )O(

  10. Let’s just suppose for one minute that there were aliens zooming about the heavens. Now, let’s also suppose that our government did know about them and has physical evidence of their existence. What benefit would it be in keeping this a secret? How do individuals profit from keeping everyone else in the dark? On the contrary, I would think that our leaders/criminals would make more money and gain more power if there really were aliens because then someone could point and say, “We need to build things to protect us from the alien onslaught”. If NASA was to reveal the existence of aliens then they could justify the expense of continued manned missions to the moon, Mars and beyond. Corporations would profit because they would build an entire industry around discovery, defense and cooperation with the ET’s.
    I also do not buy the argument that aliens would disprove the existence of God. Aliens from another planet would reinforce the existence of a god because you then cannot say that advanced life was an accident of evolution but, was initiated by design and proof is all over the universe. I grew up in the Christian church and can tell you first hand that they will take anything regardless of how outlandish and slam it down the throat of the non-believers as proof that God is real. As if God needs their help.
    We as humans study the creatures on Earth because we cannot ask them to explain their actions, reasoning and thought process. As humans, we have a more complete understanding of our surroundings and thus are more capable of complex thought. So, why do we need to be studied from afar when someone or something can ask us face to face “What were you thinking and why did you make the choice that you made?”
    Lastly, it makes absolutely NO sense that an alien race, who could travel the stars, would be so stand offish based on the mere fact that we as a civilization are too violent. Would they not be capable of defending themselves from an attack as humans do from wild creatures? As much as I personally want to believe in little green men from Mars, and as much as I would like to meet them, I can see no absolute proof that they exist and thus must conclude that there is a more reasonable explanation for what people believe they are seeing.
    In conclusion, we must look at who would benefit from the existence of alien spacemen. Governments, big business, military and religion. A cover-up precludes the ability to grow these organizations based of something that is non-existent. Alien videos and the rise of the personal video recorder have mirrored each other but just as the bigfoot movies, they are never clear enough for definitive proof.

  11. I was 13 years old…camping out in my back yard. An alien space craft came silently down and hovered at a dead stop directly over me and my sisters. It was an amazing experiance and it has left me knowing, without any doubt, that we are not alone. I am sure that had I not experianced this I would be closed minded on the subject.

    • Maybe the government is covering something much bigger. First before man, signs of life existed either as bacteria trees or up.Earth unlike any other planet had a home for life, also the resourses to nourish and grow those life forms. Which in conclusion brings me to this point that whoever was here first was accessing our resources, considering this is still Pangaea, that’s unlimited power. Now after the ice age the big booms bye bye dinosaurs, we split from other life forms and, we evolved, we was able to evolve from dangers and havoc from other beings considering they built lots of nuclear weapons etc. Hence what doesnt kill you make you stronger.
      So now we evolved as humans, and we start looking for more scientific explanations, making us stupid to manipulate and learn anything but the truth. When looking at this world were not gods to it, hence we dont need to understand how everything is made, however though, we reached that point and everything we know, do we really know. Because can we explain why that material was there, whose core it powers, or just like water does other life eat or drink it(another saying we are what we eat). HONESTlY, NO because the government is brainwashing the shit out of us and making us live a comfortable life to forget about whats really going on and stop us from evolving. and this is truth, if the government told us we were going to die and the world is coming to end. SILLY what do you thing will happen, we will be force to evolve and snap out of the brainwashing. so to let you know there is aliens, proof, were a little dot in the ocean just floating around, and its about time we had a real encounter with the other beings around just like the mayans and other earlier civilizations did.
      P.S Im not a government expert or anything, but I am a human being, and at the end of the day that should matter to us, we are life forms existing in this home, and if we don’t get our own acts together then we are all going down with the capitalist who devours anything to do with wealth and power to control. Because whether you like it or not we are not free of anything because if so we would build our own aircrafts and drive our own boats without ever having consent or jurisdiction from anyone. And people this wasn’t just a oh i should post something. I feel the people need to know whats going on and I might not know it all but I am with the idea and very optimistic about anything. So just look back at why the mayans spent their life or who knows maybe their half life because they lived a civilize race like us and then it all ended but then they went to another technology and way of communicating and left us all these artifacts just like we would if we were to survive and want us to live a free life. and i think that what it all comes down to, whether we are free or not. and its hard to see but we have shackles and guns pointed to our heads telling us which way we should walk, when we are a indigenous race where we follow stars and we settle under a tree and we enjoy life, not a big corporation making millions of dollars. this life as we know it is why this is happening to us, and only the people can go against the false profits and key holders to say we are free. and this is our home together and no part should be cut from us or not.

      • Aliens do not exist in the form we mentally visualize them as. They are fallen angels that serve Dajjal and are working with the government A.K.A ‘Illuminati’ to try and convince the whole world that God does not exist when in fact he is as real as the coffee in your cup. They own almost everything media and education related and any other thing they could use to brainwash you, and believe me they do a very good job, but if you take a step back and actually do some research you will find lots of evidence and old archive footage of the Apollo missions which prove this. Why were there so many missions to the moon? Research and you shall find out, the truth is shocking. The old world was very advanced, even more advanced than we are right now. This is all I am going to say, go fishing on the internet and you will find out for yourselves.

  12. Like a previous comment, I had also experienced an alien space craft in my garden, just hovering at about 3 or 4 in the morning. It looked a lot like a Harrier, but was made from a metal I cannot describe… extremely shiny. It was very loud, but only I woke up for some reason. The lights blinded me, and I fell unconscious and woke up in the morning.

  13. we are not a lone..it is time to tell the humen race the truth.the people that hide this from us ,is traders, to the humen race..we as a race ,need to find a beter way of life and acept the visters,and learn from them ,not hurt them..


  15. I’ve encounterd aliens in human formation, 1 lady who seemed homeless came down and sat next to me, she knew what I was thinking and gave me some brief answers without me even asking a question. I had other encounters with people who done similar things. This is there planet and there still here, there’s no need to be frightened.

  16. There is definitly such things as aliens…..the pyramids…carvings paintings sculptures and other fascinating objects from the aincent days tells it all. Now days the goverment juss hides it from us and slips the truth in by movies cartoons and shows….face it theres such thing and its only a matter of time before they tell us or have to tell is………

  17. The fact that we all must arrive here…..get lumbered with bodies, durate for a length of time, get horribly deluded and conceited, full of fear, speculation, thinking, I know this, I know that….I, me, mine, ours, us and them, flag, nation, planet….etc. As though we owned the place. We, all being’s that visit here are mere visitors, None of us are from here, if here can be called a point of reference. Just a mottly group of travellers blundering through so-called existence of conditioned phenomena. The more one thinks one knows….the less one understands. There are many types of being’s who reside here temporarily, and to be sure not all exist within the peceptible limits of the eye, ear, nose, tongue, and tactile consciousness, nor do they have such crude forms as we may have. Sadly they like us must die just like us. But so-called intelligent life on this planet has proven it’s inability to know and understand that which is right before the minds eye. Instead, with technological sophistication, diversity, complexity…….out and out ignorance, self righteous conceit and unconquerable stupidity……Time bares witness to the greed, hatred and delusion of imbecilic children…..so infatuated with the objects of their immature and unevolved minds…….they cannot even begin to understand that they too are aliens in a very strange land.
    Living in an agreed upon reality or convention may be convenient, but in fact it is quite fallacious, self indulgent and leads to moronic delineation from the true base-line of natural law.
    And yes there are many here amongst us who are here to help, they in many cases may look like we do, but in fact they are very old, very mature, and evolved in ways that is incomprehesible even to Harvard graduate scientists. Who in comparison are mere intellectual and spiritual children.
    What comes to mind is that not one of us is from here, all of us in fact are alien. This house of ill-repute is a stop-over, nothing more.
    Absolutely nothing here is as it seems to be, and there is much that happens here that is far greater than just the puny senses and corresponding sense fields enable the average mind to comprehend……let alone understand.
    The only thing that one should have aversion to is ones own ignorance and ill-informed fear and stupidity.
    Aliens indeed………………?

  18. every one who dishes god will regret it when he comes to save us from going to hell but dont take my word for it because only god can judge you fairly as only he has the right to.

  19. Aliens are clearly fake as no one can get through radiation belts..also no man has been to moon as nasa says no one can live through the radiation belt the 3 one they have found just last year……hmmmmmmm….seems like they would have known about this if someone had flown through it, don’t cha think… the Smithsonian museums society has been covering up the existence of the nephilim for a long time just check it out…and when the solar system rotates around to a certain spot the fallen can get through to us….they tell us they are aliens, they are lying . Check it out yourself it sounds crazy but it is true.

  20. The greatest enigma of all times. Are we alone? We could write an entire novel and compair and contrast the evidance and the conclusion would be unresolved. Mans foot steps into the circle of life is fractional, seconds at best – we removed ourselves from treetops and discovered agriculture, language, art and lastly science. We are learning that the elements that contribute and support carbon based life is abundant in the universe; water, nitrogen, carbons and methane to name a few. However, they seem to be displaced. Meaning, they have not been found to exist together at the right time and place and more importantly under the correct circumstances. NASA researchers recently found clay beds at the centers of meteorites, believed to have come from mars. This is interesting and exciting because in Oder for there to be clay, boron most be present. Boron;a mineral found in clay, oxidizes into borate and this my friends is the building blocks of RNA. Hypothetically, life may not need to be carbon based, in order for complex molecules to form and evolve. Silica may have the same bonding properties as carbon under the right conditions although carbon seems to be the logically most suitability. However, the later is not impossible. Also, why should we think that visitors from another galaxy would not be hostile and aggressive in nature. As humans evolved from preditors, why would we think that the organization of natural selections would be any different elsewhere.


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