The God gap – what causes a higher consciousness of God in some than others?

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Genes, conditioning, indoctrination or a natural ingrained aptitude and extraordinary sensory perception. Placebo effect of mind mapping, spiritual science and neurological expansion and if so why the new age controversy and uninformed discussions?

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Seek GOD please, You’re soooo confused


Good question, it’s probably a mixture of all of them, but leaning more toward natural ingrained aptitude and extraordinary sensory perception.

Seed Life

People do not know god the way they use to in olden times. As time goes on people adopt new ideas and because more tuned in to self, then god as a higher power. When you are involved with self you become insensitive to your own spirit. Whatever part of your being you are tuned in to and feed more is the one that will dominate. People do not depend on spiritual direction and most people have never experienced it so to them it does not exist. God is a spirit and those whose hearts long to know him, get to know him. You cannot know spirituality through common mentality. It is not possible to understand something unless you understand it through the original ways of selflessness. Understanding thee origin of GOD and what he is all about takes sacrifice and people do not believe in that anymore. It is not that it does not exist, people choose not to know cause they see with their own perspective. He is there, we are just numb. I know I use to be that way too. (John 4:24) People talk about God as if he does not exist because they have never experienced him. The bible says that without faith it is impossible to please god, so without faith how can you see anything. (Hebrews 11:6) The world was framed faith.


I believe it’s a simple matter of a request. Ask Him to be part of your life, and it starts from there. If the request is sincere and persistent, He just might respond.


Have you ever touched the state of consciousness?

...where you feel ask me any doubts I shall answer you?

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