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The "God Function"…?

A God Function is a man-made spiritual event; group prayer for example. The amount of certified, double-blind experimental proof is undeniable. All the atheists need to do is study science to understand that God is a function, a root energy machine. You don’t have to believe the letters attributed to Saul of Tarsus who calls himself Paul.
You do need to read the Gospels for yourself. Jesus speaks as a God function in the writings of Mathew, Mark and Luke.
You should see that 5.99 Billion people are not just numb automatons. You need to awaken your spiritual sensory system before it goes dormant forever.


  1. I have read the bible. I find it full of cruel and useless practices.
    Why is this the only “God Function” you speak of? There are many.

  2. 5.99 billion what?
    Surely you are not speaking of christians alive today since that would encompass almost all peoples alive and even an idiot fundie would have to know the majority of peoples alive do not follow the NT.

  3. LOL, I’m glad you’re happy with your faith. Hooray for you and your buddy god. However, I have never felt as spiritually awake as I have since embracing atheism and realizing the truth, as I see it to be. Enjoy your faith in the big invisible sky pixie. I was born without the ability to worship something that isn’t there. Have fun.


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