The Global Conscious Confessionary: what are we sorry for?





by willmin:

Sometimes I feel like the entire world is fed up with it’s shortcomings and failures and wants to heal itself by making the first step and saying “We’re sorry.”
Being a minority, I hear “sorry about the racial confusion” all the time, but, as my personal contribution to the global wrongness, I’d like to apologize for selfish anger. (there’s some big things that affect everyone that need anger and if we waste it on whether we got that position/car/phone/right flavor etc, what a waste of energy, right?
what do you think w(W)e should confess?
oh see, two good ones. I felt a little healing happen already!
i’d say 3 if I knew what happened with the fish :))
yes, lives are funny:)
there are those who are sorry while others are about the business of causing the pain, and it will always be; you pointed out the fact that we have to be aware of what is right in order to do it, and even then it is difficult to do it; especially if you’ve been doing the wrong for so wrong, but once you know I think even that lessens the blow.

Answer by Esidere
Nah, let’s just sweep all that under the carpet and get on with our lives.


  1. i thinks , what they had meant for is : THAT’S THEY HAD NOT KNOWN MUCH OF THE TRUTH , AS FOR TO MAKE THEM TO DO THE WRIGHTS. We were all in actual are in the DILEMMA OF ABOUTS IN THE KNOWING OF THE TRUTH.

  2. I agree. I’m glad that there are actually people who agree that getting angry over stuff like that is a waste of energy. I’m sorry for so many things that I can’t even list them all, but I have 2 off the top of my head that I’ll say now.
    I’m sorry for keeping my mom up late every night (by being on the comp. or watching TV. etc.)
    And I’m sorry for hurting this guy who really liked me.
    Oo, I just thought of another one. I’ll probably keep adding ones every once in a while. lol.
    I’m sorry for handling my anger with my seventh grade friends so badly. Though I am glad that we are no longer friends, I admit I delt with the situation very badly.

  3. Apologies for being so closed minded on certain topics would be mine…
    Just being able to get that extra understanding from another viewpoint has radically changed my way of thinking about many issues…
    That’s just my thoughts though…sadly I doubt the world is all that sorry…

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