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The gazing method in astral projection?

Ok, so I’m having a little trouble when it comes to this part. No matter how long I stare at an object it’s very hard to visualize it when I close my eyes. Or my mind wanders and everything is just black. Do I just need more practice or is there another way perhaps? Tips anyone?


  1. You just have to learn how to control it. You have to become more aware when your mind starts to wander and then try to bring yourself right back. A simple technique I use is to put the thoughts in a bubble and send them away. Like if you are gazing and your mind starts to wander and all of a sudden you are thinking about….ummm shopping or something. Just put that thought in a bubble and just push it away. It takes practice to be able to concentrate on something. The mind is funny that way. Everyday life tends to get in the way.

  2. Trying too hard wont help. Try to relax and keep calm, it takes practise and the more you practise the more you will understand how it will work for you and it will become easier.

  3. Practice is always important, regardless.
    your mind wanders. . so maybe you should work on that first
    you need to find something that works for you were you are able to close your minds eye.
    maybe simple breathing..
    visualization of releasing negative energy/thoughts.
    recieving a thought, and then releasing it before it becomes a distraction.. (a lil harder to explain)
    maybe to help your concentration.. try visualizing the energy flowing through your body
    start with something small.. and then move your way up.
    i normally sit still and focus on my breathing for a while until i feel comfortable to move forward.
    If i feel too distracted i remove any negative energy that i can.
    (the way i do that is by visualizing it flowing ..say to my hands [ a central area ] and then i shake it off … carefull that it doesnt come back to me .. i.e. outwards to the side instead of in front )
    ** Remeber that although these techniques work for me, they may not neccesarily work for you. either way, im sure you’ll get the feel of it. practice is always important.
    ** But i would begin with finding smaller techniques that work for you.. so that you can concentrate more in clearing your mind.. so that you avoid any wondering thoughts.
    *clearing your mind is hard, in itself.. and that alone takes practice.
    Goodluck !

  4. I agree. Don’t try. Trying too hard will actually hinder you. When your mind starts to wander…. dont’ try to concentrate so hard that you try to stop your mind from wandering. Let the thoughts flow, like a river. Acknowledge the thought, then let it float away. Just let them come and go like that.
    Just let yourself relax, really relax. Have no worries, including whether or not your mind wanders. Just totally let yourself go.


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