The Five Faces of Kundalini I.e. the Five Streams of Divine Energy

Colloquially all creatures are called living beings. Because they have Prana (vital force) they are called Pranis too. But it is not so simple. Material scientists do not accept that a creature has life force. They say life is a body which is an admixture of chemicals plus 5 elements. When the 5 elements dissociate from one another that creature becomes extinct on dying. They opine that there is nothing like a soul principle in this world. Man is just a walking, moving, speaking tree.

But the above ideology does not pass the test of Spiritual Science. They look upon the individual soul as a part-manifestation of God. The vital force is different from it. Vital force or Prana is the life force. He who has internal fortitude and external bravery is called one imbued with vital force. The vital force spoken of over here is actually the spirit. Spirit means divine radiance. Radiance includes understanding, honesty, responsibility and a valiant character. In spiritual terms these qualities of glory are called vital force fire. No doubt vile and wicked men too have daring and bravery but it is tainted. Hence they can never be called valiant. At the most they can be called vile and wicked.

To be imbued with vital force is to gain the highest benefits of human life. People follow and praise only those who possess this glory. Such men are called saints who not only uplift themselves spiritually but help others raise their spiritual stature. They are seated in that boat which helps them cross the river called this world and help innumerous other souls too to follow in their footsteps.

Vital force is a conscious power. It can be called live electricity. With electrical power many factories are at work. The city blinks with light and with its energy many material comforts are produced. One is amazed to note that with the help of ordinary bodies, this vital force electricity can carry out impossible tasks.

It is difficult to count the total number of living beings dwelling on earth. This is because there are innumerable creatures living on land, air and sea. In fertile lands there are very tiny creatures. In one drop of water there are innumerable bacteria etc. Who will count their total number? This is because its number is beyond our ken and imagination. One can say that all these are living beings. But here we will discuss those living beings which manifest intense spiritual luster and it is not found even in ordinary laymen. Only he can jump high enough who possesses such nerves, muscles, imagination and thinking process which manifest intense electrical power of a very high grade. Such people harbor extraordinary thoughts and they attain extraordinary success on the basis of their own spiritual power via extraordinary schemes. Only such people experience self fulfillment. Those who see and hear about them, call them exalted.

Amongst living creatures only those with intense vital force are special and great. They are seen very rarely and whenever they are seen they mesmerize the eyes of all with their spiritual light. Many become theistic followers of theirs. The no. of individuals who follow in their footsteps is by no means less. Maybe not a royal path but at least they leave behind a footpath so that those who walk on it can reach their spiritual goal. Such people experience self glory and in the eyes of others they abound in divine powers. In the annals of world history one finds a description of gigantic tasks carried out by such holy men full of intense vital force. Amongst great men they are given the title of Supermen.

If in one pan of a weighing scale you place the body, brain, family, wealth etc i.e. united with our lives and in the other pan you place divine radiance, definitely the latter pan will go down because of its greater weight. They are called crown jewels amongst men. They are called human gods because for ideals and ethics they are willing to lay down their very lives. Their actions are ideals for the laymen to follow. The young boy Gandhi (Beloved Father of India’s freedom struggle) on seeing the drama of King Harishchandra vowed that he would become as great as this King. And in the end everyone saw that Gandhiji’s vow was fulfilled. Gandhiji who imbibed truth and non-violence truly became another stalwart like King Harishchandra.

In order to attain such an intense vital force one should study sacred scriptures, associate with great saints, reflect deeply on spiritual truths so as to imbibe soul force and create an apt mental state. Also in order to create spiritual power and radiance there is the Yogic breathing exercise of Pranayam. But above all these modes is Kundalini awakening. It can also be awakened by meditating on the sun. It is not enough to look upon the sun merely as a source of material energy. Because at the soul level it is also synonymous with God and by not looking upon it as merely a ball of fire that gives us heat, we should realize that it can imbue us with intense vital force in our psyche. In reality this is a fact. If the radiance of Goddess Savita can be imbibed through spiritual practice, austerities, faith and intense power of yearning then the spiritual aspirant shall never lose hope.

This conscious electricity of our vital force is present in every pore of the cosmos. Via a strong resolve man can imbibe it in as much measure as he is capable of imbibing. This is because one can imbibe only that much according to one’s spiritual credentials (Paatrata). There is a lot of water in all rivers. None can stop us from taking as much water as we want. Yet we can take only that much water according to the size of the vessel we possess. If there is no vessel then we cannot take even a drop of water despite the fact that we intensely desire to take water from the river.

Amongst all galaxies and planets the sun is the most brilliant. This light is not like that of a bulb. This is because the sun with its own light energy makes others radiant. The moon too shines because of sunlight. We are able to see other stars and planets in the universe because of sunlight. It is sunlight that gives light to trees, plants etc. It is because of sunlight that buds bloom into flowers. In Prashnopanishad Nachiketa was given a detailed version of the importance of the vital force and he was also taught the 5 Sciences of vital Forces fire related to it.

In the same way the vital force aspect and energy aspect of Gayatri Super Power is Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power). Fundamentally both are one. The principle of electricity is only one. It is just that -ve and +ve are its two aspects. The life force is one but the body and vital force are its 2 aspects. Gayatri and Kundalini are not separate because both these streams mutually complement one another. It is said that: Kundalini is the mouth source of vital force empowered Gayatri. It is Gayatri that is the Great Science of Vital force. Only those who know this science are said to be true imbibers of the Vedas.

………….Yogachudamani Upanishad

Five powerful demigods are united to the life force so as to fulfill all its tasks. Because they are latent they appear to be dead and thus cannot be utilized. As a result a living being becomes weak and impoverished. But if these powerful aides are activated, if their power is aptly utilized then man instead of remaining ordinary will become extraordinary. He will get an opportunity to uplift his demeaned state and live a life of radiant glory.

In the Kapil Tantra the description of the 5 elements has been symbolized as the 5 demigods:

Vishnu is the chief of space. The chief of fire is Maheshwari power. Shiva is the chief of earth and Ganesh is the chief of water. Sun is the chief of wind. In this manner the 5 gods are chieftain powers of the 5 elements of our body.

The 5 Pranas (vital forces) are said to be the 5 demigods too. In the Tantraniv it is said that:

This living being has 5 demigods. Because it has vital force it is Shiva too. This Kundalini aide possesses divine energy. Its form is like radiant lightning.

In the subtle body of a human being these 5 Pranas (vital forces) are in the form of: 1) Prana 2) Udaan 3) Apan 4) Vyan 5) Samaan. It has 5 aides called 1) Devadatta 2) Vrikal 3) Kurma 4) Naag 5) Dhananjay. These are 5 covering layers of our consciousness. Its admixture constitutes one’s personality. Based on the high-low nature of its stature and balance a person’s maturity and special characteristics radiate.

According to modern Gestalt psychology the personality of an individual is classified in 5 ways. Psychiatrist Dr. Frederic Pearls says that if the 5 coverings of our personality are examined and opened up in a scientific way, the immaturity of our character can be overcome and instead it can be purified. The 5 coverings are: 1) clich?? layer 2) synthetic layer 3) impulse layer 4) impulsive or death layer 5) explosive or life layer. The clich?? layer which commences in an immature manner, on attaining maturity takes the form of an explosive energy. As a result such an individual starts leading an independent, faithful, active and apt life. The 5 energy coverings described by Gestalt are none other than the 5 sheaths (Pancha Koshas) of our subtle body.

Just as the visible objects of our cosmos are made up of the 5 elements in the same way the all pervasive consciousness harbors the vital force. This cosmos is made up of the 5 conscious powers. The human body too is its micro aspect. That which is in the macro (cosmos) is found in the micro (human body). The 5 vital forces found in the cosmos are present in the human body too. It is present in a latent seed state. A seed harbors an entire tree. But the tree cannot be seen clearly in the seed. The sperm of a man and the ovum of a female unite to form a human body. Yet if you even use a microscope and examine the sperm and ovum you can never visualize a human baby in it. In the same way regarding the 5-fold activities of Savitri power it cannot be said as to what is its direct nature and result. Despite this, on incarnating in this body of divine power, the results that accrue can give us an understanding of its power and authority.

The 5 glories are 1) might 2) wealth 3) knowledge 4) wisdom and 5) dexterity. In this manner there are other types of 5 contexts. The 5 chief warriors of Mahabharat war were the 5 Pandavas. In Ram’s army the 5 chiefs were Angad, Hanuman, Nal, Neel and Jambavant. There are 5 organs of knowledge. Many such 5 fold aspects are the 5 organs of action, 5 jewels, 5 nectars, 5 cow materials, 5-fold almanac of Hindus etc. The Pancheekaran of Vedant Philosophy is very famous.

In Kundalini awakening the 5 sheaths are dealt with and these are Food, Vital Force, Mental, Intellectual and Bliss Sheaths.

In Mahayog Vijnana Kundalini awakening is said to be synonymous with the awakening of the above 5 sheaths. “When Kundalini is awakened the 5 sheaths radiate with spiritual light.”

The body is made up of 5 elements. Its Satvik consciousness manifests in 5 ways: 1) Mind 2) Intellect 3) Will-Power 4) Psyche and 5) Ego.

The 5 Pranas which are also called vital force emerge from the Rajas principle of the 5 elements. Based on them the 5 organs of knowledge take responsibility of their corresponding 5 objects. From the Tamas principle of the 5 elements, the human gross body is created. It can be seen as 1) juices 2) blood 3) flesh 4) bones 5) marrow. The 5 special organs of action are also a product of the above mentioned Tamas principle.When in scientific parlance we talk of the 5 vital forces and the 5 sheaths, it is obvious that their chief representatives pervade the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Even Material Science talks of 5 chief powers: 1) Great power 2) Lesser power 3) Gravitational force 4) Electromagnetic force and 5) Anti-matter. The cosmic particles are of 5 types: 1) neutrons 2) quarks 3) pulsars 4) photons 5) laptons. According to the Quantum Wave Theory all forces move as waves. There are 5 cosmic rays viz. 1) sonic 2) ultrasonic 3) infrasonic 4) hypersonic and 5) supersonic. There are 5 covering layers of earth 1) lithosphere 2) hydrosphere 3) biosphere 4) pidosphere 5) atmosphere. Over these is the ionosphere that goes as far as 1600 miles. That too has 5 more coverings viz.: 1) endosphere 2) troposphere 3) stratosphere 4) ozonosphere and 5) exosphere.

The 5 powers are such that they are active in the material life area. These are bioelectricity, bio-magnetism, radiation, creation, reproduction and immunity. Bioelectricity is further of 5 type viz. plexus electricity, neuronal electricity, cellular electricity, conduction electricity and facial-ocular electricity. All these in the spiritual arena are called Varchas, Ojas, Tejas, Brahmavarchas and Manas.

There are 5 chief organs that oversee the brain muscle center and these are cortical nuclei, thalamus, hypothalamus, medulla, and spinal cord. The juices that keep the brain active are 5 in number and they are called neuro-humoral secretions. These are dopamine, endorphin, ceratonin, encephalin and GABA. When the balance of these is broken, the brain function gets distorted. The 5 hormonal glands which correspond to the 5 sheaths are pineal, thyroid, adrenal, gonads and pituitary. When we will talk of the 6 Chakras we will also talk of the thymus gland. Thus there are many cosmic and individual bodily classifications which bring about subtle movements. These 5 chief energy groups can be called the 5 faces of Savitri and the 5 sheaths of Kundalini. If even a few of them are balanced properly via apt control, it is like the 5 demigods of the 5 worlds showering flowers on such a person who is full of divine powers. The result of Kundalini awakening is full of such special benefits.

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