The Ego Question…?

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Who am I (you)?
What is my (your) spiritual, psychological social place in the plan?
What should I (you) do about it?

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Reverend Red Mage

You are not me.
What plan?
Do about what?


I dunno about you, but I’m gonna eat more babies.


I’m me
I’m an Atheist (I don’t believe there is a plan)
I should tell the world about reason, science and logic.


we are humans and kids of God and this is religion


Who am I ? Tat Twam Asi
What is my spiritual…plan: Only one plan to go back to the source
what should I do abt it? ….. Undo !!


All is one.
What to do? Keep seeking answers and you’ll find them.


Please refer to answer to other question. ~ : )


I am a Manussa, or also known as Manusia…
Mana is my ‘Mind’… I am a being with mind. I live with a reason and I ‘become’ what I think.

Universalist Guy

I am a servant of God (whichever one that is).
My plan is to get a positive afterlife after my death, whether it is reincarnation or heaven.
I will obtain this by doing good deeds and not sinning/committing acts that create disharmony.

jitendra k

i am the Karma or duty
my spiritual place in the present is that all the negative duties of this and previous lives are cleared and now i m trying to do the positive duties to find the spirit


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