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The East and Magic?

Where and when did Magic originate from. Is it connected to Martial Arts or maybe Tantra? Anyone know of some good sources for the history of Magic?


  1. Blatvatsky- Theosphy
    Many of the former Golden Dawn members have written on the devlopment of the art predominately Dion Fortune & Israel Regardie , Eliphaz Levi most of his books have a historical aspects to them , I mean Idian Tantra and some of the egyptian styles I would imagine to be the oldest , however you haqve aspects like shamanism and voodoo which obviously has different6 backgrounds and influence – good luck
    Madam Blatvatsky and Master Therion ( Crowley) both attributed the creation of Magick to have come from the Eastern regions

  2. Ah, Magick has always been around. Magick is merely manipulating the energy around us.
    The origins of the first magick, though? Hmn… look up the following people(s) : Native Americans, Celtic Druids, Norse, Sumerians, Greeks, Romans, Gypsies.
    They should be able to help.
    – 16 yo Pagan

  3. “The Ancient Greeks used the term pharmakos based on the word pharmakon, meaning “drug, poison, spell” (this is the source of that infamous Billy Graham quote that “the word witchcraft comes from the same word as drug and I think that proves something.” It certainly would, if the Ancient AngloSaxons had spoken Greek). Later the Greeks used the term magissa, the feminine of mago (“magician,” from the Persian priesthood called the Magi).”
    The Magi (singular Magus, from Latin, via Greek μάγος ; Old English: Mage; from Old Persian maguÅ¡) was a tribe from ancient Media, who – prior to the absorption of the Medes into the Persian Empire in 550 BC – were responsible for religious and funerary practices. Later they accepted the Zoroastrian religion, however, not without changing the original message of its founder, Zarathustra (Zoroaster), to what is today known as “Zurvanism”, which would become the predominant form of Zoroastrianism during the Sassanid era (AD 226—650). No traces of Zurvanism exist beyond the 10th century.
    The best known Magi are the “Wise Men from the East” in the Bible, whose graves Marco Polo claimed to have seen in what is today the district of Saveh, in Tehran, Iran. In English, the term may refer to a shaman, sorcerer, or wizard; it is the origin of the English words magic and magician.


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