Home Discussion Forum the dreams keep getting weirder and more scary please read?

the dreams keep getting weirder and more scary please read?

this dream was so scary OMFG!!! i had a dram i was the exocist priest, i was a man…… weird and the scary possed raven girl was there except there was 3 of her, on who had the devil inside of her the other one was just a little girl and the third one was well i don’t know she was just quiet. i was laying in a bed and a angel told me no to look at her so i kept my eyes closed. and i could hear all the demonic noises goin on and then my dream shifted and i was in my old house but it looked so different and peronomal noises and woke up afraid i could see so many evil things but in my dream i knew it was a dream. i was wide awake by that time i stayed up for a little,
so it was like 3:00 am, i went back to sleep and the dream started again right were it left off so then i was running away from the devil, at this point he took my left hand off and i jumped into someboday car and was trying to get away and then i woke up freaking out it was so real ans sooooo scary
ok all i know is and angel told me not to look at her and i seemed like i was hiding from her. i could hear her screaming and it seemed like i was lying in a bed parolized. then i see the man priest ( who i assume was me) trying to fight him and draw the devil out of the girl. then i remember being so frightoned i start running away like i didn’t want to fight the battle any more and i am screaming and begging jesus to help me, oh yea and the i remember an angel saying there would be a sign when it was ok to leave my hiding place and i opened a window that looked like a door and saw jesus christ. that was when i started running away and when when the devil saw me getting away it seems like he rippe dmy left hand off. when i get into my get away car my hand is restored and i woke up. i am pregnant and the spiritual dreams i am having keep getting more and more off the chain


  1. If you plead the blood of Jesus over you bed each night it will stop. You should message me so I can ask you some questions to get to the causes of this.

  2. i don’t know what these dreams mean as i am not a dream interpreter, but i would suggest maybe getting a dream catcher to hang to help filter out the bad dreams. if it doesn’t work, at least you don’t usually have to spend too much on one. Also, if you are open to the idea, maybe try doing a home cleansing with some sage and or holy water. depending on what your traditions and beliefs are, there are different ways to do it. a friend of mine walked her home with a bible and some holy water when she was feeling darker energies in her home. it can’t hurt to do it, and it might even work for you.
    good luck on your pregnancy, and try to avoid spicy foods before bedtime, i’ve heard they can do crazy things to you at night.

  3. Do you wear a crucifix? You should get one and have it blessed by a priest. Wear it all the time. Don’t take it off. Get some holy water and pour it in a circle around your bed every night. You don’t need to soak anything, a little will do. Arc the bottle in any direction you feel you need and then bless yourself with some. Then go to bed. If they don’t stop soon, you might need to speak to someone for help.

  4. The bible says ” For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” With such a promise by God, whom shall we fear? We must learn to trust in the Lord always, and rest assured that He will solve all the problems in your life. There is absolutely so need for getting holy water etc… all you need to do is have faith and trust in the Lord, and remember that it is a promise made by God himself.
    Here is a Youtube video of the Song “Never will I leave you” by Michael Card. I found it very touching and hope you will enjoy it too!

  5. Guys, stop freaking this poor woman out by telling her to “bless the area she sleeps in”, “go see a priest” and all of that rubbish.
    Nikki; you’re pregnant. Your hormones are going crazy, you’re going under a hell of a lot of physiological changes. I’m willing to bet my soul that you’re not at risk from being frisked by the devil or anything silly like that.
    Stay calm, try some calming warm drinks before going to bed. Try to get into a routine of clearing out your head before going to sleep.
    Oh yeah, and the reason you dreamt that dream again but worse when you went back to sleep? You were obsessing about it!!
    So many times I’ve had nightmares and been so worried about having it again that I do!


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