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Kyosaku : The Zen Stick

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A symbolic fictional story about the kundalini Rising inside all of us, by the Scribe.

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a dragon was formed. This dragon was a creative aspect of you because, energetically, you are a serpent of life. You are the womb of all creation. You were born from the egg. You are destined to be the fire breather, as the raging beast that you are.

Sometimes the energetic part of you resides in the ruptured mounds of your heart cave, sleeping and lying dormant. This is because you can exhibit self-contempt and laziness, hiding like a hermit in your cave, dreaming of all things. But when the day is finally sunny, the kisses of gold parades throughout your cave, tempting your dragon eyes open, and then everything changes.

The rays warm your mystical little scaly potbelly and in one moment, the dragon of you decides to waddle outside and greet this merry light, whether to scowl or embrace that light.

The sun directly warms your whole body and melts the chill coming from the cave. This light makes you feel rejuvenated and you dance in the light that you recognize as bliss. This light is the reason for your joy, and in light you breathe your fire, as your tail combats all that comes your way, a leering smile catching on your face, because you are bold and daring.

This is the radiance that you truly seek, as a dragon only becomes a real dragon in this pure light. But indeed, the cycles in nature are inevitable, and you must be strong for all outside conditions.

You are one of the half-breeds of existence and formed from the duality of the universe: the yin and yang, the hot and cold, the good and evil. You are but a metaphysical dragon which is your spiritual soul. But it also has a physical half that keeps your soul alive, sheltering the dragon just the same. The physical aspect of your serpent is you as a human being in a different plane.

The other half of you is the human living a mundane life on a war-inflicted earth at this year of 2010, in the middle of buying groceries, snacking on food, or mechanically driving away to your 9-5 job. And this human you, doesn’t really know too much of its other exotic dragon half, but you sense it, as it is a part of every living fiber, every tiny cell of your existence.

Meanwhile, living in the split realities of time-space, your dragon energy within lives inside you, eternally, and of a different parallel universe, existing without really knowing why, dreaming your very same dreams, feeling your ever emotion, instantaneously, innocently.

It lives in a world where all things are possible, just like earth, as it’s dark cave is actually your own heart, glimmering in the very light of your soul, and sulking in the very darkness that shadows your mind. As you walk, it breathes, incidentally stretching its long tail the older you get. The more you mature, the more the dragon’s tail spirals around every little thing you do.

Every bubble of thought, every spoken word, even the trinkets you create are touched by your dragon’s tail, in connection to the body of magic that waits.

Sometimes the tail can be wound so tight around you even, the creativity and magic building so greatly that you can barely breathe, you can barely stand it.

Other times that wound-up coil of tail suddenly releases the tension, giving forth a birth of infinite creation, thrusting out the great potential within the creation of all things. This burst is like an explosion that shakes the universe, reverberating throughout all of time, transcending everything. But this type of letting go is hard to do for your dragon.

It’s the dreams that make its tail grasp every so tight, unwilling to let go.

But the moment the dream is unleashed, the magic of all things unleashes to the wilderness, and you reach the ultimate potential -in this single, perplexing moment. As this happens, the dragon you can be found outside of the dismal cave of restlessness. It is dancing in the light of all things, playing in creation. In just one moment of this splendor, the balance unlocks your true destiny.

Creation gives birth to more creation. Meanwhile, the physical half is dancing too.

At exactly at the right moment of abundance, you as a person smile like a mad hatter, feeling your burdens of life lift like a bag of bricks. The cave vanishes in thin air, and in a parallel world, your cubicles fade to dust. The walls of your confines for both are no more. Instantly, you are free to breathe your fire as the duel creatures of both living, unites into each, to become whole. But once the sun shudders its flock of colors and ducks into the grave of the earth. The stars invite the cold black night to begin a new cycle. Cold sets in and this cold is inevitable. It always gets dark in both worlds. The cold becomes unbearable at a point.

You, as a dragon, begin to grow weary, for there is no fun dancing in the cold dark. At the very same moment, you as a human being, slouch back into a couch to watch television. You, as a dragon, slink back into your cave, to embrace the darkness lurking inside, and this is where you sleep at home, waiting for the dawn to arrive, always dreaming for all things to come.

Every time the light leaves you as a dragon, sadness approaches the end of your tail. It crawls right into the very muscles of your heart, and as you breathe a heaving chest, the sadness weeps.

To keep it company, you feed in the loneliness that the sadness expresses to you, and you swallow the bitter isolation, munching on the splintering pain even when it hurts you just as much. You can’t help but feel sympathetic so the feelings that enter make your magnificent body weak. This darkness bleeds into the very bed you sleep in, as it is an essence that is just as alive as you, waiting for someone to listen to its stories, needing a warm body, wanting love.

This is the hole where your dragon tears drop, staining your ferocious cheeks a pale mildew color. As the color drains, the pain that now lives inside you -sings a soft lullaby, tucking you in, as you seclude yourself for the next cycle of dark years ahead.

You are still a young dragon and your human body is still maturing. You don’t know all things yet, so you battle everyday to gain more understanding.

The mission is to survive in the light and dark of all things true in the nature that exists, for both halves to unite and awaken to your ultimate potential, to fulfill your destiny that waits. The halves are the magical key to unlocking the potential of all things. That is the reason for the existence of the dragon you, the slave of your eternal torment.

Its’ curse is to slumber while only able to experience part happiness, until you are truly awaken yourself on the physical plane, so you can live outside your caves —confines, forevermore.

One day, both dual aspects of the soul and body will learn to fly. You will have the strength to follow the sun wherever it goes and be strong enough to sleep in the dark without being won over by it completely. You will dance in the balance of the universe, rain or shine, confinement or utter freedom, and create more creations of infinite potential by letting go.

Until the day you fulfill this ultimate balance of light and dark, to achieve your own enlightenment, you will harbor this sleeping giant, smoke winding out of volcanic nostrils as it dreams of more. And until you learn how to finally lash out, and become fearless in the unearthly power you hold, to become the half-breed turned whole, you will only treasure momentary bliss.

We are all lairs of these legendary dragon serpents, embodied in skin canvas and preserved as a diamond in the rough. Throughout eternity our energy will be impenetrably contained, fluctuating from releasing to hiding again, moving about and stirring with a flickering tail.

Both will forever waiting to be whole one day, dreaming of freedom at last.

About Author

the Scribe is a secret mystic . A spirituality writer from the U.S, currently living in Mexico and can be reached on

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