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The difference between an OBE, and astral projection ?

Just incase : OBE = out of body experience

Um, I was doing an assignment based on this and I was just wondering.. They look relatively the same to me. But they aren’t the same terms. What’s the difference between them ?


  1. Astral projection is supposed to be a specific type of OBE, where the experience occurs outside of the physical world.
    Of course that’s not possible, and the experiences are both most probably dreams and or sleep paralysis.

  2. Good question,I have always thought them to be the same thing with two different names, like H2O and Water. Two names, same thing. And I really wish people would not force their opinions all the time. I wish they would believe what they will and let others peacefully believe what they want to instead of posting just to tell you their opinion (which they believe is fact) that it does not exist. The truth is, no one can say 100% either way if it exists or not and all you are doing is imposing an un-requested opinion when you go around telling people things like this @.@ sorry for the rant =)

  3. OBE they believe you leave your body and float around in the physical universe.
    Astral projection they believe you are projecting your astral self to an astral plane (yeah, that’s a lot of astrals).
    So they believe one takes place in the physical reality/universe, whereas the other takes place in a different reality, an astral plane.
    Personally I don’t believe in either, I’m just pointing out the difference.

  4. Of course you are free to believe anything you want.Since you did ask,I’ll answer.I assume you don’t mind opinions different then your own.
    Simply put,there is no evidence for either one however you define them.
    Sure their are plenty of boasters.You’ll read them here.They have all sorts of fantastic adventures.Trips around the world,the dark side of the moon even other universes.Funny though you never hear of them helping out in a mine cave in or finding lost kids.I know,it doesn’t work like that.Seems to me it should.If you can find lost civilizations and demons.Why not missing people?No,they’re all boasters.

  5. OBEs include Astral Projection.
    There are basically 4 ways to have an out of body experience.
    1. Through Astral Projection, that is to consciously project into the Astral plane of the 5th dimension.
    2. By waking up in a dream. This is when you realize that you are dreaming and that you are in the Astral (dreams take place in the Astral)
    3. With a near-death experience.
    4. With death.
    So an Astral projection is an out-of-body experience. That is you are consciously aware, just like you are aware of where you are right now, while out of the physical body.
    OBEs are fairly common. I think its about 1 in 10 have had some sort of out of body experience…its just most people don’t really know what they are and they aren’t really talked about much publicly. Tons of documentation out there especially with near death experiences such as in a hospital.
    A great resource for more info about AP and related info is here at http://www.gnosticweb.com
    Hope this helped.

  6. Astral projection is when you consciously chose to leave your body, OBE, usually occour in times of great stress (uncontrolled). Although they are similar in experience…

  7. The terms are not mutually exclusive. There is some overlap here. An astral projection is an OBE because it’s an event which occurs out of a person’s body.
    That said, neither OBEs nor astral projections *actually* happen. They’re perceived events and probably nothing more than dreams.

  8. Chris provided a great answer. Astral Projection is typically an intentional OBE. OBEs can happen for any number of reasons, including death.
    I’ve added this answer just to provide a reference to a University of Virginia research center that studies OBEs, Near Death Experience, and other such phenomenon Take a look at the original research.

  9. One has to leave their body to enable them to astral travel, although they are still attached by a silver cord.
    And that silver cord will leave their body the moment they die, because it is then, it will be cut
    to let the spirit leave the body for good.

  10. I believe they are the same thing. When astral projecting, your spirit leaves your body. Same with an out of body experience.

  11. Astral projections are a subset of OBEs. I personally believe in them as do millions of people around the world. If you want to know more, read anything written by Depak Chopra. He is a doctor and has extensive knowledge of pyschic phenomona. Incidentally, I took a college course on Near Death Experiences which deals alot with OBEs. I think there is extensive scientific proof of OBEs.

  12. OBE, astral projection and astral travel are all Out of Body Experiences.
    Astral projection and travel are OBE’s that can happen three ways…
    1) During sleep
    2) Deep meditation
    3) When put under, in the hospital during an operation.
    Astral projection occurs when the spirit leaves the body, projecting just out near the body.
    Astral travel is the same except the spirit takes excursions on it’s own.
    These are basically called OBE out of body experiences.


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