The Day I Died : BBC Documentary about near death experiences

THE DAY I DIED is a BBC documentary about near-death-experiences, and the people that have had them. Made in 2002; the programme explores some of the controversial “continuation of consciousness” theories put forward by professors and examines the evidence. It is one of the best, and possibly the most comprehensive documentary on near death experiences, interviewing top scientists that HAVE studied the NDE phenomenon including Dr. Peter Fenwick, Pim Van Lommel, and Bruce Greyson.

There have been many stories in recent years claiming the BBC has not allowed it to go out on DVD or aired it since its first showing. We don’t know if that’s true, but We do know it’s well worth watching for anyone who is interested in the subject.

Science says when the mind is running out of oxygen, we start to see bright lights. However, the near death experience can be interpreted in whatever way the individual wants. It might be the pearly gates, it might be the raw reflexes, trying to bring you back to life or it might be small aliens making a huge party inside your skull.

Whatever it is, most of the people who’ve gone through it has seen a bright light. No one knows for sure what it is, or where it comes from.

Lets take a step forward and examine whats going on.

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