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The Dalai Lama and his education?

why did the Dalai Lama (the 14th reincarnation) need to study so much in philosophy when he knows so much about philosophy anyway from previous lives?
and why does he specifically need it in his leadership role?
so sorry ‘Geeksball’!! didn’t mean to offend anyone lol!!! I’m just trying to understand as I’m studying him…. !!


  1. As I understand reincarnation, very little gets reincarnated in Buddhism (it’s different even from Hinduism). Only five “skandas,” which do not correspond to the “soul” or “self” in Western philosophy.

  2. Studying philosophy is fun, that or he needs to catch up on the philosophical changes in the last few years since his last incarnation died.
    nb: “supposedly” he remembers what he was taught in his last life, as he recognised past life objects as his own, ergo his studies in philosophy should only be to those philosophers who worked (or became available) in the time since his last death to his lastest incarnations growing up.

  3. Most religions that belive in reincarnation accept that there is some sort of forgetting/shedding process in between lives. I remember a Buddhist from high school describing it in our comparative religions club. I don’t know what tradition she came from but she said that the recently deceased would drink this nasty black water, and than forget who they used to be. This was apparently a necessary step in the process of rebirth.

  4. Nit all Dalai Lamas remember their past lives you know, and like the first answer said not eveyone is reincarnated in Buddhism

  5. You don’t remember anything from previous lifes..if you believe in renencarnation and practice that culture and you don’t remember your past lifes then it would be an oxymoron.

  6. Q. Why does His Holiness, the Dalai Lama need to study?
    A. For the same reason YOU need to wise up, Rachael. Apparently, you’ve brought nothing with you from your “past lives’ in that you have to ask such an insulting question that denigrates Buddhist thought and one of the most respected spiritual leaders on the planet.
    Try that in some non-Western countries – insulting their King or God – and you’d be thrown in jail for years, and possibly executed. But you are so smart to use your freedom to speak wisely, correct?
    Buddhism is the oldest religion on the planet, predating and influencing Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.
    Perhaps you should worry less about making these selfish and hurtful remarks that illustrate your own lack of education, and spent more time studying Buddhism.

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