The concept of reincarnation predates the concept of heaven and hell?

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Hinduism is older than Judaism and Christianity and Judaism don’t even have a concept of hell. Hell originally comes from pagan beliefs like Zoroastrianism. So what if we are stuck in a cycle of endless rebirth, how do we get out?

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Like it is.

The idea of an ornithopter for use in flight predates jet-engine airplanes.
Yet, jet-engine run airplanes are so much better at doing so.


Who makes this sh*t up…..? seriously….

Think Outside the Ballot Box

Stop believing in reincarnation and you won’t be reincarnated anymore.

let there be light

Attain nirvana.


Heaven and Hell as reward and punishment is Babylonian; a realm of the dead may be contemporary with reincarnation.

Watchman Nee

So you’re telling me that being older makes something true? Ever take a logic course?


There’s no such thing as ‘reincarnation’ in the first place! (Reincarnation=A constant wheel of despair and is only ancient hindu evangelism.) <')))><

Thomas H

God first spoke to Adam.
You must read too fast.


By scientific measures, the concept of a “flat earth” predates the concept of a “spherical earth”. Are you gonna go with that….?


It is true that the idea of reincarnation predates the idea of heaven and hell. As a matter of fact, many early Christians believed in reincarnation.
The idea is not a cycle of endless rebirth, but a cycle of life that continues teaching you until you are ready for the next step.
Find enlightenment and balance Karma to reach the next level.

mike hughes 52

Yes reincarnation is the mode employed by the soul to spiritually evolve and become more self realized until the state of God realization and cosmic self awareness.We all have a very long history of thousands of incarnations ,and have been through so many cultures and civilizations and are becoming more wise with each incarnation we move through.I have been a spiritual teacher for well over 20 years and have been for many incarnations .A very rewarding experience indeed.


That is all factually wrong. But your reasoning is even worse.
Reincarnation shows that bad behaviour is punished and that this life is not all there is. Correct in where it points but wrong in the specifics.
Why in the world would ‘predating’ mean something is more correct ? I’d say 90% of the posts here take the opposite tack, as if it were obvious to all, that what is earlier is more likely more wrong…you know ‘progress’ and all that.
You have defined things so that you are right. I don’t really see that you are interested in any real anwsers 🙂

Crazy Train

Reincarnation is an ignorant concept to begin with. Reliving life over and over is insane. And why would only humans have this ability? Can you see a dinosaur reliving a life? No.Otherwise there would be dinosaurs roaming the Earth right now. Then why a human? Because humans are the only life form that believes they need more lives to accomplish things.To ammend their miserable failures in their lives.
Fact-there is only one chance to get it right. If you fail,you are SOL.


Judaism used to contain reincarnation. Even early Christianity leaned on that concept.
Christianity most certainly has the concept of hell. Judaism just claims you don’t get to be in “the world to come”.
The modern concept of hell is nothing like the ancient pagan beliefs. Pagan beliefs did not argue with others about “Right Belief”. That is only in monotheism. In pagan beliefs concerning Hell, one actually had to be an evil person – think Jeffrey Dahmer- before they would end up in hell. And only in certain cultures was hell a fiery place of torment. Sometimes it was simply nothing but darkness. Others were freezing (yes, Hell does freeze over from time to time). Judaism saw it more like a place of gloom where you would go to “sleep”, hence the grave. It isn’t until monotheism becomes more dominant that you see people using the hell concept on those of different beliefs. Pagan cultures didn’t view religion in that way.


I guess if that is true then we don’t. I do hope that there is a Heaven as I would love to see and talk with my Dad again. Even though it’s been over ten yrs. since he’s been gone, I still miss him. Just becuz a religion might be older than another doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the #1 religion. If we are stuck in a cycle of endless rebirth, hopefully we evolve to better people or animals with each rebirth.


Old or new is NOT of any concern.
Re-incarnation is the most sane and logical.A murderer,a rapist and all crimnals can NOT say O! Lord !!forgive me and take me to heaven -he/she goes directly to heaven?!!!!
The pre-mordial matter(C,H,O,N) -Prakruthi–whether that of Dinosaur or Human body-re-arranges again and again(Pra+Layam) till all the super-imposed(Adyaasa) “Evils” are jettisoned and the “Soul(Jiva) is liberated from the clutches of C,H,O,N,S,P(San Saaram).It is immaterial whether one believes or NOT,it is the “Dictum”.and Truth(Satyam)


What are actually the DIFFERENCES among WARLOCK, WIZARD, WITCH, and WICCAN?

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Do people see reincarnation as the rebirth of the soul/consciousness, or the rebirth of the human body?

I think it's impossible to be reborn an exact genetic match of a dead person. It may be possible to create it using cloning. I know...

Is anyone here familiar with Naamah, Lilith, and the other succubi mentioned in the Kabalah?

I'm interested in myth and legend. So it'd be much appreciated if someone provided me with some stuff. I'd love to read them.

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