The Collective Unconscious, Nirvana, Spiritual Awakening, What is it exactly? and how can I achieve it?

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Move on

Only as Kurt Cobain did …. Heroin. I recommend the collective conscious as an alternative.

Happy Hiram

A sharp hammer blow to the back of the head. Then you can collect your unconscious.


Go seek it in the Religion and Spirituality category.


Carl Jung thought that human beings all shared a collective unconscious, similar to the personal unconscious but for our whole species. To be able to access that and the knowledge of the universe is what I think your’e asking. Have an open mind. Some people like to meditate you could try that. I am not telling to do this but by taking drugs such as L.S.D. and other psychadelics you can have profound spiritual experiences.
Lastly, nirvana lies within you. Keep your mind calm and open and you will reach a state of profound knowing.
This quote from Carl Jung somes it up –
‘He who looks outside his own heart dreams he who looks inside his own heart awakens’.

Mustafa Kohan

Vipassana meditation is probably the best way, but it takes time and effort. There are several other meditative forms which may work for you, but all require a genuine commitment and some time.


probably the quickest way to get a taste of it is thru the Big Mind training of Roshi Merzel.
if you understand what he is teaching it can put you years ahead of people use traditional meditation techniques only.
he has a website and some of the Big Mind videos are on youtube.
i don’t expect you to believe me but i suggest you look for yourself and decide.
ive looked at most every practice there is and have practiced several that i think are good paths and i seriously think this is one of the very best ways there is.
mainly, pick a path and stick to it.

Mario B

smoke a j

Francois Le Clerc

all of the above are separate items and are not directly connected to each other.
if you are in a desperate need to join a new age cult
in order to get a good amount of brainwash…
go for it.
otherwise read c g jung.


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