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The chackras are kundalini and the kabalist believe on the 3 eye why do kabalist believe there are no demons?

Plus then what is entity yoga and the energy of reiky..


  1. I can’t answer your question regarding yoga and reiky but as far as demons are concerned I’ll take a stab at it.
    In the Jewish Kaballah, it is taught that there are four worlds which can be associated with the Tetragrammaton name of God. The lowest world is the world of Action and the mundane world. It is also known as the world of shells or Qlippoth. These are the worlds of unbalanced force that existed prior to the created world we now are living in. They are known as the Kings of Edom, which were the Kings that ruled before Israel had a king.
    I think of the Qlippoth as demonic forces in one sense, like fallen angels. They could be considered as part of the “gap theory” in the Bible that comes from the division between the first two verses of Genesis. Verse one tells of a created world. Verse two speaks of a world of chaos, darkness and a formless void. And so people believe that there was an existing world that was destroyed due to the rebellion of Lucifer and the fallen angels.
    God cast Lucifer and his band of angels out of heaven to the earth and so that is where the chaos and darkness came from.
    Some people consider the Qlippoth as though it is the serpent kundalini which resides on the reverse side of the tree and comes from the world of shells. It rises up with its head located in the hidden sephiroth known as Daath which resides in the abyss.
    When the Kings of Edom were destroyed, then there became equilibrium and balance associated with the Kings of Israel. That is referred to as the mother sitting on the throne of the daughter, being Binah which is Understanding, the mother, and Malkuth the kingdom being the daughter.
    I guess one could layer and put on the Tree of Life any sort of system like Aliestar Crowley has done in his book 777 and the Qaballah of Alietar Crowley. He shows the Hexagrams & Trigrams of the Yi King and their placement on the paths of the Tree. And if you can decipher the Taoist message in the Yi King and Tao Te Ching then placing the Yoga postures and Reiki energy would only be a short hop skip and a jump from there.


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